6 Ways to Make Reading Fun for Small Children

Since Henry is my third baby, I feel like I’ve learned a few things along the way.  One of those things is how to make reading fun for small children.  Maggie has always loved to read.  We would read tons of books all day long.  Charlie has always been a little busier and has trouble sitting down to read.  He is three now and just starting to calm down more when we read.  Even though he loves the stories, sitting down and looking at the books is tough sometimes.  Now that we have added Henry to the mix, he’s starting to enjoy story time more but against my wishes, he just keeps getting bigger and is very much a toddler now.  He no longer sits quietly in my lap while I read to the older kids.  He wants to be involved and he loves to point at things.

I See Me!  Personalized Books

Bring it to life.

When reading a story about bears, bring out some stuffed bears or small bear figurines for them to touch as you read to them.

Point it out.

When you read about a dump truck, point to it.  Take a break from the story and talk about it, the color, the size, what it’s doing.  This brings the story to life for little readers.

Let them choose.

Let your small humans choose what stories they want to read.

Act it out

Some stories are made to act out.  Be a bear crawling or a snake slithering.  They will learn a ton and have so much fun doing it.

Encourage questions and interruptions

As frustrating as it may be, let them ask questions.  Let them interrupt you for the millionth time to ask a question or tell you something they remember about that thing or animal.  That 3 sentence page may take five minutes to get through but it’s also a fantastic time to bond with your little people.  Most days, this is my favorite part of the day.  The calm down before bed when they remember everything they have ever learned about an excavator and we talk about the time they got to help drive one for the millionth time.  I know we are building memories that will last a lifetime and encourage a love for reading.

Personalize it.I See Me!  Personalized Books

If you have followed along with our Books We Love Friday feature, you may have seen that a few of our books come from I See Me! Personalized Children’s Books.  I’m a sucker for personalized things and the kids absolutely love personalized books. I See Me!  Personalized Books Our latest book that we received for review, Henry’s Very Own Trucks is one of Maggie and Charlie’s favorite books right now.  It’s so fun because of all of the different types of vehicles.  Maggie already knows all of her letters and Charlie is learning his letters.  Seeing the letter by itself in upper and lower case multiple times, as well as part of his name and a vehicle that starts with that letter are all great ways to reinforce not only letter identification but also the letter sound. I See Me!  Personalized BooksI See Me!  Personalized Books Plus – vehicles.  Everybody loves vehicles, right?!  Henry’s Very Own Trucks is similar to My Very Own Name because at the end of the book, there is a Things that go Encyclopedia.  An alphabetical list of vehicles that you may find throughout the story.  The kids love to go through and name them.I See Me!  Personalized BooksI See Me!  Personalized Books I love that we all enjoy reading this book and it makes a great addition to our tot school and preschool time.  Plus, it makes a great addition to our homeschool unit about things that go.  I really love that I See Me! offers other personalized items like stationary, lunch boxes, stickers and so much more.  To see more great titles offered, be sure to follow I See Me! on Pinterest.


What are your favorite ways to make story time fun for small children?

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