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Our First Camping Trip in a Tent

[…]the next day and excitedly said, “We want to do this again next year but for two days with all of the same people!” So, now I’m shopping for a few more things to get us ready for our trip. Working on some sleeping bags for all four of us, some sleeping pads,  and a cast iron pan for cooking over the fire. That’s what we are getting for Christmas this year, camping gear! If you are a camping family – what are your must haves or tips to make this a fun and memorable experience for us? Any must see places in Ohio? We are for sure going to Hocking Hills but after that, not sure what all we will do yet. I love the Roadtrippers app so what do I need to add to our things to do on vacation […]

Books We Love: Time Travel History Chapter Books for Kids

[…]kids everywhere seem to love them, not sure what my youngest thinks yet, we haven’t read one of them. These books take Jack and Annie on an adventure every time the magic tree house appears in the woods. Where will they go next? The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls. You may have heard of these, I’ve mentioned them a few times before. We really enjoyed this series. Peter, Mary and their dog, Hank discover ancient scrolls that transport them back to periods of time in biblical history. Each book takes readers on a journey through different Bible stories. There is also a dark force in each book trying to stop them. I’ve loved everything about this series!  Want to read a more in depth review, we have written about them twice.   Ranger in Time. Ranger is a time-traveling golden retriever who transports back in time to some great adventure. We discovered this series when a friend’s kid was reading one for a school assignment. You had us at the word dog! Anything animal related will always sit well with my kids and these stories are no exception. Wherever Ranger goes, there ends up being trouble but Ranger is there to save the day! These time-travel history chapter books are so fun for kids to read {or listen to you read} because they are about kids around their age going on these super exciting adventures! I KNOW that I haven’t discovered all of the amazing books that we need to so please – let me know if you have discovered a time-travel book that we need to check out! Looking for more great books to read? Check out weekly books we love feature. What should we read […]
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Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

This time-travel history chapter book takes readers on an exciting Bible adventure. Journey back in time to […]

Homeschool Energy Science Unit

[…]the kids the opportunity for free play on them or some directed activities so they can get an idea of what they are doing before trying their own thing. There are some great experiments in the curriculum but if you forgo that, we also used experiments from the Usborne Science Encyclopedia.  We also watched the Magic School Bus episode Getting Energized on Netflix.   Two of our favorite books that we read during our energy unit were Wired and Electrical Wizard:  How Nikola Tesla Lit Up The World.  We read Wired over and over and over.  It’s a fantastic book that takes you on the journey of electricity and how it gets to your house.  These are just our favorite books that we read, but we got a large stack from the library that covered topics like solar energy, wind energy, water energy and so much more.   We also got a solar powered building set . The kids were trying to really get the light in there and used a bulb that melted it so we never actually got our solar powered thing to go…so maybe we will redo that idea.   Between the books, video and hands-on activities, energy was one of our favorite science units to learn about. Generally, I find card or board games to go along with our units, but this time, I didn’t add one in.  If you haven’t done an energy unit, it’s a fun one.  If you have – I’d love to hear your family’s favorite ways that you have learned about it – books, games, activities, […]

Blankets Make Great Gifts

[…]ten minutes and the kids were all sitting on the couch cuddled under the blanket because it is so soft. They all steal it every time. It gets better though, this thing is unbelievable warm! It is a sherpa fleece blanket and I’ve never used a blanket like it. Just go buy it, it’s amazing. Like – really amazing. And it will make an amazing gift. In fact, I ordered another one last week as a Secret Santa gift for a blanket […]

Truth Becomes Her – The Adventures of Rooney Cruz Ringleaders Review

[…]on the front page all the way through to the bible verses and illustrations at the end of the book! RINGLEADERS is a nine chapter book that is more like two stories in one. Join Rooney as she auditions for a play that she is excited about and her journey through this experience. But – go beyond that as her angel Mari pops up to take Rooney on adventures through the Bible. Adventures with women of the Bible whose story relates to Rooney and a situation she is facing. You will see Rooney peer through windows into the past, windows that help her to “meet” women from the Bible and learn about their journey and struggles.  You can almost feel Rooney’s emotions as you “hear” their story told by Mari.  Then, you can read on as Rooney recognizes how even if her situation feels difficult, that if Elizabeth, or Mary or any of the other women from the Bible could face these situations and be okay, that she would also be okay.  She will fold her hands and pray throughout the chapters.  There are colorful pages with bible verses that are perfect for your young girls to memorize.   I love how Rooney takes these situations and applies them to her life and her situation.  It helps my daughter to recognize how facing a difficult situation isn’t impossible but takes faith and trust in God.  The absolute ONLY downside to these books is that my daughter is getting too old for them!  Not for the message necessarily, but for the length of the stories.  She is a great reader and whipped through the stories quickly.  Having said that – I will be ordering some more of the other Bible Belles stories for her to read.   I really love that as part of the review for this book, we also received the Ringleaders Coloring Book, Ringleaders: A Devotional for Girls and the Ringleaders Journal for Mothers and Daughters.  We haven’t used the coloring book much yet, but as it turns out, last night, my cousin was here with her 1 1/2 year old and Maggie read her part of the story and turned to a matching page in the coloring book and let her color it.   The Devotional is amazing {and the timing was perfect – we just finished up her last devotional}.  Each lesson has a few paragraphs to read, some Bible verses to read and questions or activities to answer or do and prayers.  The devotional is broken down into chapters to go along with the RINGLEADERS book. The RINGLEADERS Journal for Mothers and Daughters is also awesome and something I have looked for for awhile.  Since this journal goes along with the story, it is broken down by the women from the Bible that Rooney learns about in the story.  You will read and study about Elizabeth, Mary, The Samaritan Woman, Mary and Martha and Mary Magdalene.  The pages alternate with space for mom to answer and space for the daughter to answer.  They are clearly marked mother and daughter.  They ask questions like what I love most about the story, favorite part of her story, draw a scene you liked from the story.  Talk about why that person’s story is important and a time when it applies to your life.  Space to write about how God works in your life, free space and pages to answer together – these are my favorite!   Okay, I had a lot to say!  You guys, I highly recommend these books for your young girls.  Amazing stories about good choices and ways to follow and live a life God wants for you.  You can read more reviews about the RINGLEADERS books. […]
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Books We Love: Toliver’s Secret

[…]this story during the morning when we do our book work for school, my son would fight it, goof off, who knows what – but we wouldn’t enjoy the story. I decided to read it at bedtime and guess what – we both just want to keep reading every night. It is part of the extra recommended reading for Notgrass history that we are doing with Charlie. You can view other books we love – let me know below what one of your favorite books of the week has […]

Books We Love: The Magic Attic Club Megan’s Masquerade

[…]my kids. We recently discovered a new series that my daughter diligently read through the backs of the books to see what would interest her. Well – one book in and her and I both asked for the rest! The Magic Attic Club is about a group of friends who visit one of the friends’ attic and are magically transported back in time. In Megan’s Masquerade, Megan is transported back in time to the Revolutionary War. While some of the characters in the story are imaginary, many are very real characters – Thomas Jefferson, etc.. A super fun story to read as Megan journeys through dangerous territory to deliver a very important message about the war. We will be over here reading through the rest of the series if you need us. While you wait – be sure to check out other books we […]
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Books We Love: Women of the Bible

[…]I could do that was not super time intensive but that I could fit into my days.  I put Women of the Bible on my Secret Santa list last year and got it.  I enjoy this bible study as I learn more about the women of the bible.  I know for me – there are plenty of times I am reading about someone and can really relate it to my life in a way that I obviously needed to read at that moment.  The daily lessons go over her story, her life and times, her legacy and scripture that guides you to dig deeper with thought-provoking questions about the bible verses relating to her, her promise and her legacy of prayer.   It is designed as a Monday through Friday thing. Books We Love is our way of sharing a different book we love every week, this week I decided to add a book I love instead of one of the kids’ […]