A Day at the Beach + FREE Kick Off Summer Cookbook

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Life may often be full of uncertainties, but there are a few things that are guaranteed to be home runs around here.  One is cake.  The second is the beach.  The third is anything in the form of a freezer pop.  I love that they love freezer pops because there are so many easy and nutritious ways to make them.  I stumbled across this fruity lemonade pops recipe and knew the kids would love it – and we had everything we needed to make them in the kitchen already.


I cheated a little bit and used our Zoku Quick Pops maker so they froze really fast!  The kids love them and were so excited to have an extra treat during the hot afternoon when we got home from the beach.  Then came my everyday struggle – dinner ideas that don’t involve me sitting in the kitchen while I want to be outside enjoying the summer sun.  That is why I got so excited to find the FREE Kick Off Summer Cookbook full of great recipes to enjoy OUTSIDE!  Not only that but you will get the Ultimate Summer Fun Checklist and actually have time to do them all.


I think we will check out the Memphis burgers tomorrow night {but you have to check out the little video on how to make them}.   Let Kraft help you plan the perfect celebration with the FREE “Kick Off Your Summer” cookbook! #CookingUpSummer  Click on the picture below to get started.


What will you make first?


  • Im so excited that summer is finally here!! Yay for barbecues and fresh fruit!! This cookbook is so full of great recipes!! I can’t wait to try them!! And now Im starving for fruit pizza 😉

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