A Day Out with 3 Kids + Combi Fold N Go Double Stroller Review

As a family of 5, we still like to get out and do as much as we did when we were a family of 3 or 4, although now we are a bit outnumbered by kids.  I’ve always been a big advocate of baby wearing because it is just easier for me most of the time.  With 3 kids now, things are a bit different.  If we plan to be out and about for the day, a stroller for them to plop down in has become a must.  Even if the stroller only holds our stuff most of the day, it is a lifesaver.  When we had a chance to review the Combi Fold N Go Double Stroller, I was thrilled!  After receiving our Combi Shuttle, I kind of fell in love with their products.  I was certain that I would be impressed with this stroller, and when it arrived, I was not let down.

Looking for a double stroller

To start with, there is some assembly needed.  By some, I mean, clear about 5 minutes {at the most} out of your day because that is as long as it will take you to put it together.  You can check out the video below to see just how simple it is.

How to assemble the Combi Fold n Go double stroller
I barely had it together before the kids were jumping in and begging to head out somewhere.  I figured that since they were SOOOO excited, we would head out for a walk down the street to see if the horses were out.  I had the kids all buckled in and John started asking why I was doing that when I would have to take them out right away since we were still in the house.  He was so certain that it wouldn’t fit through the door.  I tried telling him that it would, but he didn’t believe me.  And…out the front door we went with it. That’s right folks, this double stroller fits through standard doors, making it the perfect stroller for pretty much anywhere, the mall, the store, and wherever else you may need it.


I immediately noticed a few features that I loved.  You know, sometimes, it’s all about the food, am I right?  There are cup holders for both seats, a snack holder in between the seats, as well as a cup holder for the parent.  If we are headed out with the stroller, you can bet we will have our water bottles with us and snacks too.  The adult cup holder is deep enough that my water bottles stay in while we are strolling around.  All of the cup and snack holders are completely removable which makes for easy washing.

Cupholders, snack holder

Combi parent cup holderNot only is there an extra large basket on the bottom, there are also storage pockets on the back of both of the seats.  You can completely remove the basket on the bottom if you need to in just seconds.  I know with a lot of the strollers we have had, there just isn’t enough room to store our things so we hook the diaper bag onto the stroller.  That works great unless nobody is sitting down, then it tips over the stroller.  We haven’t run into that with the Combi Fold n Go Double Stroller.  We had 3 packed lunch boxes, diapers, wipes, a wet bag, our water bottles, sweatshirts, Henry’s blanket, and probably a few other things when we went to the zoo.  There was still room in the basket and we hadn’t even touched the back pockets yet.  This stroller has more storage than any other stroller I have seen.

Combi back pockets
 Combi Storage Basket

I also love the 5 point harness buckle system.  When my nephew was a baby, he was a chunkier!  While we were out at the fair, he leaned forward so far that he popped the buckle on that stroller and fell on his noggin.  {He was fine}.  I vowed that day to not have a stroller that didn’t have some sort of lap bar to ensure that never happened again.  While this isn’t a lap bar, it is equally as effective.  It’s perfect for baby Henry.  Since he hasn’t been sitting up by himself all that long, having him very secure if he is sitting in the stroller is very important.  I like that you can still buckle the child but not use the shoulder harness.  That is perfect for the older 2.  The shoulder harness is adjustable to fit both taller and smaller children securely.

Combi straps

Combi 5 pointThe easy to use padded reclining seats are awesome.  You can easily slide it back if baby falls asleep or is more comfortable reclined.  To add to the comfort, there is a foot rest built into the front of the stroller so their little legs can rest comfortably.

Combi Reclining Seat

Combi Foot RestThe canopy is very large.  You know how often times things have a canopy but it doesn’t actually cover or protect anything?  Not this time.  This extra large canopy will keep the sun out or shelter them from the rain or snow.  There is a flap on the backside where the parent can flip it up to allow for greater ventilation.  Even with that flap down, it is still well ventilated.

Mesh ventilation

Okay, do you love the comfort features?  Keep reading for the other features that make this stroller one of my favorites.


Featuring front wheel suspension with lockable front swivel wheels allowing for easy steering.  No joke, I can spin circles in this with one hand, it steers that well.  The one step linked brake system ensures that you set the brake when you want, and it releases easily when you are ready to get moving again.

Combi Front Locking Swivel Wheels

Probably the biggest WOW factor of the Combi Fold n Go Double Stroller is that it can be fully closed with one hand.  Yes, I said it.  One hand.  Where your child sits, there is a flap. Under that flap is a black handle {Clearly labeled so you can’t miss it}.  To close the stroller, press the red button on the side, grab the black handle and pull up.  Then lock it closed using the black hook on the side.  To lift it, grab the black handle located under the flaps on both seats.  Check out the video below to see how truly easy it is to close one handed.

Pull to foldClose Combi

I was already a fan of Combi products, and the Combi Fold n Go Double Stroller didn’t let me down.  From the vibrant colors to the high quality and ease of use, this stroller fits perfectly into our life.  The kids love using it and I love having space for whatever we need.


Packing for an all day outing with 3 kids can be daunting, but here is my shortlist of things you may need.


~Wetbag to hold dirty diapers

~Wet wipes



~Bug Spray/Lotion

~A few band-aids {Please tell me I’m not the only one who has to have these}

~Water bottles or something to drink

~Lunch or snacks

~Extra clothes

~Formula if necessary


~Cell phone


~Blanket depending on what you are doing, where you are going

~Baby Carrier.  Having 3 kids, this makes life so much easier for me.  I can nurse the baby while we continue on with what we were doing.


Our stroller gets its biggest workout on Thursdays during softball season where it is loaded down with 2 kids, my softball bag, snacks, drinks, jackets, blankets, bats, balls, and whatever else we may need to get through an hour or two of softball.


You can check out the Combi Fold n Go Double Stroller and the other Combi products by visiting the Combi website.  To find out about new product releases, reviews, and so much more, be sure to visit Combi on Facebook.


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