A new snack with #GiantFlavor

As a mom of a snackaholic, I am always trying to find a snack for them that is a little healthier, but still fast and easy.  When I had the chance to taste test them at Walmart one day, I knew we would be getting more of these, they were super yummy!


Green Giant Veggie Chips,

We tried two of the new Green Giant chips  – Green Giant Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chip  Garden Ranch, and Green Giant Multigrain Sweet Potato Chip Barbecue.  I will admit, John and I were both a bit cautious about the barbecue chips because neither of us like them, but we gave them a shot, and we also got another opinion too.  But first, we had to check out the Garden Ranch chips while we were out fishing with the kids.  Let’s just say that the bag was gone in a very short time.  As in, minutes, they are that yummy.  And guess what?  They are made with REAL VEGETABLES!!!  While they certainly aren’t a substitute for the real deal, at least I don’t feel bad giving them to the kids.  Plus, they aren’t all greasy and nasty like some chips can be.  I didn’t have to wipe my hands clean after eating these, instead I just licked my fingers, hehe.

#GiantFlavor, Veggie Chips

So yesterday we broke out the barbecue chips to try.  My uncle was here and so I had him check them out just in case John and I weren’t impressed.  He is a barbecue chip lover so we would have an expert opinion.  He took a bite and then another and I asked, are they better than your average barbecue chip?  You could actually see when the flavor hit – and he shook his head, yes, yes they actually are.  Okay, I’ll bite….so John and I tried them.  John just can’t get enough of them now, he loves them.  As you can see – so does Maggie! Maggie is always begging for a snack when she gets up from nap, and it is the one time of day when I can’t get her to eat fruits or veggies, so I can give her these guilt free.


#GiantFlavor, Vegie Chips

I am so glad that I found Green Giant Veggie Snacks for my family.  They are a great, guilt free snack that the whole family can enjoy whether we are just hanging out around the house or out in the boat.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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