A potty seat for the really little ones

Since Charlie was a few months old, we have been practicing elimination communication.  He could go days without going potty in his diaper which was great!  The next logical step, now that he is a bit older, is to find a way for him to go by himself.  We had a potty seat, but every time he tried to sit on it, either the cover fell on him, or he would tip the seat over as he stood up or sat down. Plus, there was no splash guard…and with boys, you really need a splash guard!   I realized then that we needed a new seat for him.

Nuby logo, Our Piece of Earth

I liked the look of the Nuby Potty Seat, and couldn’t wait for it to arrive so Charlie could start testing it out.  The first thing I noticed was how much smaller it was than our old seat, so it doesn’t take up quite as much space in our bathroom.  Something I find extremely important since it seems if I am in the bathroom, both of the kids think they should be in there as well.

Nuby Potty Seat

The color is great!  We have a sleek aqua color.  The potty seat has a unique design where it is high in the front {think splash guard}, high in the back to support their little backs, and lower in the middle to allow for their legs to rest comfortably as they use the potty.  The design is perfect for little bodies to be able to use on their own.  Charlie just turned one and is able to sit on the potty himself.  Nobody is perfect all the time though, and every now and then, he manages to step into it as he goes to sit down, makes me laugh every time!  It says ages 18+ months, but it is a great seat for younger babies/toddlers as well.  Plus, with a non-skid base, I feel confident that the seat won’t slide around on the wood floor while Charlie is trying to sit down.

Nuby Potty SEat

To empty the potty, simply lift out the top part of the seat by placing your thumb under the splash guard in the carved out area allowing for easy clean up.  The removable basin is a bit deeper than our old potty seat which means Charlie {and Maggie} don’t splash themselves when they go potty.  Plus, they can easily empty it themselves and there is less chance of spillage.  It is still small enough that it will fit wherever you choose to clean it up afterwards. The smooth design of the seat makes clean up a breeze!

Nuby Potty Seat

Anytime there is an easy way for my kids to go potty, clean up after themselves, and wash up easy – count me in!  We love our Nuby potty seat.  And, it works great as a travel potty for long car rides too.  The seat is available in 3 great colors.  Pick up your Nuby potty seat today and let your little one show their potty learning independence!  Plus – at only $9.99, you can afford this seat without breaking the bank.


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What are your potty training tips or struggles?


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  • I love the lack of bells and whistles on this seat. My kids just think the potty is a toy when it lights up and flashes and sings, ect. This looks practical.

  • We practice EC too (part time) and now that we’re settled again after our move I’ve been wanting to put my 10 month old baby girl on the potty more. We have a BB Little Potty which is great but baby girl’s getting squirmy and when I’m holding her on the potty on the bathroom counter it slides around. A lift-out bowl would be lovely too since the Little Potty is only one piece. Thanks for this review on an EC friendly potty. 🙂

  • Thank you for the review. I am definately going to be looking into getting one for my daughter. I love that it is smaller and that it won’t slide around when she goes to sit on it like most potty chairs do

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