A sugar free after dinner treat

A sugar free after dinner treat

I am not a bad cook, but I’m not gourmet chef.  Yet, as soon as I finish eating a meal, I have this insane craving for something sweet to wash it down.  Chocolate, candy, pop, any of those will do the trick.  Not a good habit to get into.  I have a lot of weight I want to lose, and adding those treats in after every meal is definitely not going to do the trick.  
Have you ever watched the biggest loser?  I do, every season, usually while eating a bowl of cereal or something.  Well, one of the tips that you can hear Bob or Jillian sharing is to eat a stick of gum after your meal.  See, it’s not just me, its human nature to want something sweet after a meal.  I don’t usually have gum around, and when I do chew gum, I spit it out pretty quick.  I think I’m too lazy to chew gum!  But, when my nephew is over, we ALWAYS have gum.  And his favorite kind is “5”.  I never mind buying it for him, unlike candy, because it is sugar free gum
And did I mention that sugar free candy makes great stocking stuffers?  A perfect gift for just about everybody!
What is your after dinner treat?
*Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for it. *

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