ABC Games for toddlers and preschoolers

If you saw my post about the Hot Dots Jr. activity books from Educational Insights, you know how much fun they have been for Maggie and I.  Not only did they send me those books to review, they also sent us a set of Alphabet Bean Bags.

Alphabet bean bags, Educational Insights

When I can find one on one time with Maggie, I want to make sure it is fun.  Something out of the ordinary that will keep her attention and make her want to play along.  The alphabet bean bags are great for that.  Plus, we don’t have to wait until Charlie is asleep.  He can play with the bean bags too.  He is a one man wrecking crew and the bean bags have held up to him throwing them, trying to eat them, you name it.  They are still in perfect shape.

Alphabet bean bags, Educational Insights

The alphabet bean bags are fun. Keeping them all together isn’t always easy because Charlie keeps stealing them away and “storing” them. When we can keep them from Charlie’s little hands, we can store them in the drawstring bag.   There are 26 bean bags, with the capital letters on one side and the lower case letters on the other side.  The vowels are in red, consonants in black.  The best thing about the bean bag alphabet is that you can create any game you want.  Some of our favorites are :

  • Put them all in a pile and pick a letter.  Then, name things that start with that letter.
  • Practice spelling names, having your child find the letters.
  • Tape circles on the carpet.  Put an item or multiple items starting with the same letter in a circle.  Have your child find the bean bag that matches the letter those things start with.

There are also a few game ideas included with the bean bags.

Alphabet bean bags, Educational InsightsThere are so many options you can do with these bean bags to create endless hours of fun for your preschooler.  You know what else?  These alphabet bean bags will be able to help out school students with spelling words.  The bean bags are also available in colors, shapes, numbers and phonics.  No matter what stage of learning your children are at, there are bean bags just right for you.  Visit Educational Insights and check them out.  Sign up for Educational Insights newsletter here.


Win one:  You can win your own set of Alphabet bean bags through December 16, 2013.


What games would you play with these bean bags?



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