Annual #ThanksGiveAway Weekend Event at Diaper Junction

Diaper Junction Black Friday deals*Disclosure:  Affiliate links included.*

Black Friday through Cyber Monday online retailers have sales and promotions galore.  These promotions often include FREEBIES.  Free sample, free cloth diaper, free diaper rash cream, etc.

This year Diaper Junction is doing things a little different than most.  When you spend $75 11/28-12/3 at Diaper Junction you’ll be rewarded with a $25 Gift Certificate 10-14 days. Valid 12/15/13-11/15/14 purchase of any products you like or you can save it and use it in the future.  This allows you to CHOOSE YOUR OWN FREEBIES!

Perhaps you have your eye on an Ergo?  Or maybe you’d like to save $25 off a Disana Wool Soaker?  Whatever you want to do, you’ll have $25 to spend any way you choose!

You’ll also earn DOUBLE REWARDS 11/28-12/3.  This gives you the opportunity to receive points redeemable for up to 20% back!  A crazy awesome deal!

GIVEAWAYS ALL DAY 11/28-12/3!  Make sure to follow Diaper Junction on Facebook, they’ll have GIVEAWAYSthroughout each day, 11/28-12/3 so you’ll have SO MANY chances to win you won’t want to leave the computer!

*Disclosure:  Affiliate links are included.*

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