Baby Giggles are the best and we hear them a lot thanks to Nuby’s Tickle Toes Turtle

Baby Giggles are the best and we hear them a lot thanks to Nuby’s Tickle Toes Turtle

Do you know what the best part of being a Nuby Mommy Blogger is?  I get to review some fantastic kids things, like the Funshine Mirror Toy and share them with you!  My latest review is one of our favorites, after all, who doesn’t love listening to babies giggle?  With the Nuby Tickle Toes Turtle, you can hear them giggle all day long.  It’s music to my ears.

The Tickle Toes Turtle is really soft and cuddly for your little one to hold. Their little hands can squeeze the turtle’s foot making the turtle giggle, followed closely by the sounds of your little ones giggling, and most likely, you too. We have spent a lot of time giggling at the turtle and each other. Charlie hasn’t quite figured out how to make the turtle giggle on his own, but Maggie is an old pro and keeps trying to teach Charlie.  It’s super adorable.  Mostly, he likes to bang the turtle around on whatever he can reach.  He does this with all of his toys, so I love that the turtle doesn’t dent anything.

The turtle really is adorable with it’s big open mouth smile that never goes away, hehe.  Maggie even likes to count the spots on the turtles shell. I tried so hard to get it on video, but he just shut down every single time! 

Get your own Tickle Toes Turtle (or other animal) at Amazon or BuyBabyDirect.  Choose from 10 different animal friends, or better yet, collect them all!   

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What gets your little ones giggling those contagious baby giggles?

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