Baby shower gift ideas {and a giveaway}

Baby shower gift ideas {and a giveaway}

I have a confession.  When we were pregnant with Maggie, we weren’t planning to use cloth diapers.  Actually, the thought had never crossed my mind.  We had 3 baby showers, and for the third shower, John told his family to just bring diapers because we had mostly everything else.  We had a lot of diapers.  I would do the math and tell you how much money we had in disposable diapers, but I don’t remember how many we had.  We ended up selling a bunch, because around the time Maggie was 4 months I think, we made the switch to cloth diapers.  I never looked back!  And when we got pregnant with Charlie, I couldn’t wait to get newborn fluff for him.  
So, if I were having a baby shower again, cloth diapers would be a big part of it.  I keep waiting for one of my friends to have a baby and decide they want to use cloth so that I could give them some fluffy goodness.  And I don’t know about you, but how much I spend varies greatly depending on lots of factors, but I will spend around $25, $50 or $100.  That means, 3 different kinds of fun!  
$28 Cloth Diaper Package
Econobum Trial Pack 1 cover and 3 prefolds
EcoSprout 4 oz sample
$84 Cloth Diaper Package
1 Bum Genius Elementals
EcoSprout 4 oz sample
FuzziBunz One Size
Kawaii Heavy Wetter
Itti Bitti Wipes
Wipe Solution

And, don’t forget mama

Pink Daisy mama cloth

Want a chance to win some fluff?  Of course you do!  Well, Kelly’s Closet wants you to win as well.

 Enter to win this new mom and baby gift bundle.

Want another chance to win?  Okay, here you go.

Enter below to win some newborn fluff!

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What would you love to receive if you were planning to cloth diaper? 


  • I have always wanted to try cloth diapers but the start up cost is so expensive! And i didn’t know where to start…such as which diapers were best and such. I have a new son now…he’s almost 4 months old and HATES being wet…we go through so many diapers! I am seriously thinking about trying cloth.

  • I am currently expecting my second child in just a few weeks! I decided to switch to cloth diapers because I hate to use anything unnatural on my children’s skin and I know cloth diapering is going to save me a ton of money in the long run. The only problem is we don’t have enough money to buy as many as we really need right now. My husband and I own our own business that is our only source of income. It has allowed us to stay home with our son however now with a second child on the way we have to figure out how to make ends meet while I am on Maternity leave and during our slowest time of year. Family has helped us out by buying a few diapers for us however winning this would help us stock up and have enough!

  • I always try to help mommies to be with having a natural birth. Some moms don’t realize that you don’t HAVE to have an epidural. Sadly, everything a doctor says isn’t always fact.

    • I was very lucky and had doctors who never asked about it because they go over the birth plan right away when they admit you. They give it when asked, but don’t push at all.

  • I am currently expecting and then my cloth diapering cousin is going to be trying for baby #2 soon and I would pass them on to her to use. She would definitely pass them back should we decide to have a 3rd also 🙂

  • Honestly we normally offer babysitting services when they need a break. Not that things aren’t helpful but sometimes time is more helpful.

  • I would bless a mom-to-be by bringing her healthy meals and helping her have a few moments to shower and eat. Those things are hard to come by in the first weeks!

  • The best way I know to help a new mom is with prayers and time. Right now everybody I know has had their babies nd I’m next, so hopefully they will help me 🙂

  • I’m very new at the “mommy stage” of life, so not sure how I’d do it…but in thinking about what I hope my close friends might do for me, I think bringing groceries in the first weeks or making my hubby some packable lunches that he could take to work so that I wouldn’t have to would be huge blessings!

  • My sister is pregnant right now and I have been trying to convince her to go the cloth route. She has finally agreed. I gave her all my sons clothies.

    Rafflecopter name is Ashley turicik

  • As i am expecting again and did not cloth diaper a newborn (we started at 4m) I would love to have all the info i can to start out right with this little one! 🙂

  • These would be great for me and my sister. We are due in the spring and she is due in the summer. It would be wonderful for us to be able to pass along to each other and then to another mama in need. I always think it is important to remind friends that they have a choice. Doctors don’t make the decisions you do

  • If I win, I know the perfect mom-to-be that I would pass these items on to! She is going to cloth diaper and could use some help starting up her stash!

  • I just recently purchased some items for my cousin’s girlfriend who is due in Feb. I got her some natural baby products as well as cloth diapers and wipes. I included some wipe solution along with some literature on why cloth is so much better for the environment, the baby and their wallet 🙂

  • I always tries to volunteer some time to relieve the new mom by babysitting so that she can get some rest. After having 4 of my own, I know how precious it is to get some restful sleep—– Pauline aka Paol Trenny ….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  • We usually take over a few meals…especially to the moms heading home to a house full of kids waiting for them! Those first weeks can be rough trying to get into the swing of things – so a meal or two each week for a month or so, and the time we can spend while we drop it off… The last time we went to see a friend, my husband popped dinner in the oven while I vacuumed and dusted, and then he gave their dog a bath while I did laundry and entertained the other kids so “Mom” could shower.. sometimes it’s just the little things that help you keep your sanity!

  • I like to give new moms info on breastfeeding and birth. I had a couple videos I ended up giving a friend of mine, and I just recently found out that they helped her greatly! She had a major preemie born at 24 weeks (he is now 2), and she breastfed him and before she went into pre-term labor, noticed signs of labor due to the resources I gave her. It was a blessing to hear that. 🙂

  • I am taking the best care of myself as a mom-to-be and I also lead prenatal yoga classes to help with the mamas that I get to engage with every week/

  • This would be great for our little one on the way. I just recently honored & blessed my sister in law who is a very new mom. I threw her a shower – and even moved it to the hospital when she was admitted at 31 weeks. She had a rough 8 weeks in the hospital before blessing all of us with a healthy baby girl. The first niece for omy husband & I. We went to see har and not only brough more gifts, but brought enough food to feed her family for a week – all prepared or easy to do so she had one less thing to worry about and could focus on her new little bundle of joy!

  • I have a baby boy on the way… due in 8 weeks… that will be 2 in diapers and one in pull-ups if I don’t get the 2 yr old completely potty trained by the time he comes! I’ve wanted to try cloth diapers, but getting started is expensive! So, I would bless myself with this bundle and it would REALLY be a blessing!

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