#babytravels *Hotslings AP review*

#babytravels *Hotslings AP review*

If you follow my blog, you have figured out that I LOVE babywearing!  With Maggie, it was a convenience thing.  I didn’t mind holding her all the time, but having free hands would have been great.  When Charlie was born, having slings and wraps was a must!  I still needed to be able to play with Maggie, but Charlie needed a lot of attention and snuggles and love.  

When I had the opportunity to review a Hot Slings baby sling, I was really excited.  I wanted a sling so badly!

There are some features of the Hot Slings that I was really excited about. First off, I love the simplicity of a sling.  It’s quick and easy to put on.  Plus – it comes with a handy dandy matching diaper pod that I use to store and carry the sling so it stays clean and fits easily into a diaper bag, or on the front seat of the car for those quick trips into a store.  Hot Slings are available in two different sizes – both adjustable to fit multiple sizes of people.  To determine if you need size regular or size large, simply measure from shoulder to hip.  Each sling has adjustable straps and buckles to get the best possible fit.  There are two buckles with straps on the sling and they are extremely easy and quick to adjust.  This makes this the best of both worlds!  It doesn’t end up with unnecessary bulk from being a one size fits all, gets a better fit than a one size fits all, yet is still adjustable.  The buckles are completely covered by fabric so you don’t have to worry about them catching on you or rubbing against you.  The Hotslings AP is designed for babies 8 lbs to 35 lbs. 

To put the sling on, there are a few different “markings” that will guide you.  First, place sling over one shoulder and under opposite arm.  The red arrow is located on the inside of the pouch next to the caution label and should be against your body and pointing toward your neck.  The buckles may be on the front or back depending on which side you are wearing the sling on.  The seam and “hs” tag should be under the breast opposite the shoulder the sling is on.  Now you are ready for baby!  When baby is in the sling correctly, the pouch should sit at or slightly below the belly button. 

There are 3 different carry positions.  The cradle carry for babies 8 lbs- 4 months; the front carry for babies 2 – 8 months; and the hip carry for babies 6 – 8 months and older.  To see how to place baby in the sling for each of the carries, check out my videos below.  

I love the wide shoulder of the pouch to spread the weight out across the entire shoulder.  I also like the padding around the pouch on both sides for more structure in the cradle carry and more comfort for baby in the hip carry.

We received the Graham Cracker Hotslings AP in regular. To check out all of the great prints – visit the website.   From the very first moment I put Charlie in this sling, he was so happy and comfortable he went right to sleep!  I am not exaggerating.  This is without a doubt his very favorite carrier so far. When he is having a tough time sleeping, I just pop him in the hotslings, and off to dreamland he goes.  We used the carrier a lot at our cabin too.  At one point, this is where I carried him when we were out fishing.  He slept really well and I actually got to fish with a newborn and a not quite two year old in the boat!  Hurray for mommy!  We loved the cradle carry when he was smaller.  He was even able to nurse while in the sling.

 We use our wraps quite a bit, but having a sling with makes more sense in some instances.  Especially if it is wet out, I don’t want to drag the fabric on the ground, and with our Hotslings, that is never an issue. 
We have size Regular, when deciding which size to get, I felt I was kind of in between sizes, but opted for the regular instead of the large.  I figured if I sized up, baby wouldn’t be as snug, but by staying with the regular size, baby would definitely be snug and I wouldn’t be worried about baby being loose.  Each time I measured myself, I was getting a different number and it was the largest in the regular and the smallest in the large.  I am confident I made the right decision with the size I chose.  We are quite comfortable and I know my babies are in there safe and sound.  After a few hours in our Hotslings, my neck and back do start to get tired, but that happens in any sling because the weight is all on one side of the body. 
I do wish the sling was designed for smaller babies under 8 lbs because Maggie was down to 6 lbs 8 ounces when we brought her home.  This definitely wasn’t an issue with Charlie man though.
The sling is made of one continuous piece of fabric so it won’t break apart.  You can safely carry baby close to you and enjoy that special time together.  It is made from 97 % cotton and 3 % spandex with the filling made from 100 % cotton.  Charlie man tends to spit up quite a bit, so it is nice having a sling that is machine washable. 

*Use common sense when wearing baby.  Babies chin should not be touching the babies chest.  Be sure to check often to ensure proper positioning so baby can breathe easily.  Do not cover babies face completely with  fabric.*

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*Disclosure:  I was provided with a Hotslings AP for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100 % my own and only influenced by my experience with the sling.*


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