#Backtoschool doesn’t have to mean back to the lost and found {+Giveaway}

*I received a sample to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own*
Now that everybody is back to school, I imagine that the lost and found is full already in most of the schools.  Okay, maybe not full since it isn’t hat and mitten season yet.  I always laugh when I go to my niece and nephew’s school for some reason and see the lost and found table.  It is always full.  I’m constantly amazed how kids lose their winter coats in the winter.  That one makes me laugh.  It’s Minnesota and it gets pretty honking cold during the winter!  At the end of the school year, kids get to take what they want home after a certain date because it hasn’t been claimed.  My nephew has gotten some pretty nice stuff from the lost and found.  If only everybody had labeled their things using something like Stuck On You.
Maggie isn’t in school yet, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t learning.  One thing we really focus on is letter recognition and name recognition.  Stuck on You helps reinforce these concepts with the labels they have.  Different labels to fit anything and everything.  But Stuck On You goes way beyond that.  Backpacks, notebooks, lunch boxes, all of your back to school needs, personalized.
Stuck on You Pin
Maggie and Charlie really love putting together {or attempting in Charlie’s case} the wooden name puzzles they each received.  Made from nice, sturdy pieces where I don’t have to worry that the knobs are going to fall off.  The puzzles are also MDF and lead free – added bonus since Charlie likes to eat them.  The handles are just perfect for those little hands to grab.  Plus, I like that it is made so sturdy, it doesn’t feel like the handles are going to fall off.
stuck on you wooden name puzzlestuck on you wooden name puzzle
Maggie loves the water bottle.   She is a little old for sippy cups {in my opinion} but needs something with a cover when we are in the car, or for at night in bed.  She’s been in love with horses lately, so of course that is what we choose to put on her water bottle.  It is leakproof when the top is pushed down.  Then you can flip down the cover to protect it from dirt and germs.  Plus, when you are in school, personalized drink bottles are a must to protect against those nasty germs just trying to get to your kids.  And of course, BPA free so safe for your kids.  I love that it is stainless steel.  At 500mL, it holds plenty of water {or something else} to keep your kids hydrated.
stuck on you personalized water bottle
We also got a personalized pencil case with Maggie’s name on it.  Oh yeah, and a horse!  It has a large zippered pocket and a small zippered pocket.  The inside just wipes clean which came in handy when she put her cars in it and brought them to softball.  The case was covered in dirt. The outside is made from a durable canvas to withstand things like….when we take it to the softball field.  I was expecting this case to be small and only fit a few pencils and stuff in it.  The case is much bigger than I expected.  I love it for Maggie.  She puts her toys, or her journal and pens and colors to take with in the car.  It’s perfect for her – she can be responsible for her own things and her brother doesn’t get into them quite as easily.
Stuck on you small pocket pencil casestuck on you small pocket pencil case
For the personalization, we got to choose both the design as well as the font.  I picked a font that was easy for Maggie to recognize the letters because, since she isn’t quite 3, we are working on learning to spell and write her name.  Whatever your kid is into, there is bound to be an option for something that will interest them.  I love the products Stuck On You has to offer.  Not only does it help with letter and name recognition, but it also helps them keep track of their things.
Stuck On You realizes how easy kids can lose things as they spend their time at school with friends, getting to class on time, and just doing things differently than at home.  They want to give 4 of you {awesome, right} $25 to get something that will make your school year a little less lost and a lot more found!  Get a headstart on your giveaway entries and check out Stuck on You on Facebook.  Follow along on the back to school fun on Twitter using hashtag #stuckonyoukids.
Giveaway open to US and Canada.  Ends at 11:59 pm EST on September 30, 2013.
Good luck!



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