Beach Fun

We have been spending a lot of quality time at the cabin with grandma and grandpa for the last few weeks.  Do you remember my friend Katie that I have talked about quite a lot? Well, she happen to be in town visiting from Ohio so of course I had to go to the cabin and visit with her!  Plus, another friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in almost 20 years was there too.  Unfortunately, I had a tough time getting a hold of her, so I didn’t get to see her and her siblings and their families but I did get to hang with my Katie.


The kids had so much fun at the beach as you can see.  I just sat back a little bit and watched.  Maggie use to HATE the sand touching her hands.  Last year, John set her down in the dirt and she freaked out.  Now, she played in the sand a ton.  She even scooped it using her hands into grandma’s hands.

Beach Fun, Maggie, OUr Piece of Earth

Charlie man, well, he just loves the water.  He will stick his face in and try to drink, or just blow bubbles.  He is my little fishy.

Beach Fun, Charlie, Our Piece of Earth


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