Besides my baby and my boobies…..

For me, there wasn’t much I needed….besides my baby and my boobies.  I loved that nobody else could feed her.  There were a few things that I came to really appreciate more and more though.

The first thing I NEEDED was nursing tank tops.  I still wear them almost daily and couldn’t live without them!  I love my nursing shirts as well, and there are times I prefer them over anything else for ease of use when we are out.

The second thing I NEEDED was nursing pajamas.  I didn’t have these right away, but boy were they great to have when I finally got them.  When I was half asleep, I wasn’t fumbling for the clips on the tank top.  I could just open the flap and there we were.  Now that she’s older, it’s keeping her out that’s the problem!

The third thing I NEEDED, at least for a short while, was a nursing cover / blanket.  Not for discretion or modesty, but otherwise she lost focus so quickly.  If we were in public, it would be so hard to nurse her because she got distracted by everything.  Now, we always have a blanket with, but don’t usually use it.  If she’s ready to go to sleep, sometimes we do just to block out the light and distractions still.

It is nice to not actually need anything except her and I, but these three “needs”  did make things a little easier.

Our first time breastfeeding.  She was a pro right away!

what are your breastfeeding must haves?  Link up and share.


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