#bfbloghop 5 Tips for Breastfeeding in Public

When you are a new mom, breastfeeding in public can be intimidating, but necessary.  For each mom and baby, the experience is different.  For some, it’s easy, for others, it’s more work.  Here are a few tips to make it more enjoyable for both.

Breastfeeding in PublicPractice.  With and without a cover.  Be comfortable with actually feeding baby before you go in public and try it.
Have a good cover.  I have never used them much, but for some people, it makes it much more comfortable.  So have one tucked into your diaper bag.  You may find you don’t want it, but that’s better than getting out and not having one and wanting it.
Support.  Being around people who support your decision to breastfeed, even in public, can really help put you at ease.
Wear the right clothes.  Whether you choose to invest in nursing shirts and bras or just wear a tank under your shirt, be sure you are comfortable in it.  I prefer the nursing shirts, and love them.  I’m not sure if I had to just wear tank tops under everything if I would be as comfortable with it.  To each their own though.


Baby carrier or sling.  Learn how to nurse in a baby carrier or sling.  It makes things much easier, plus, there’s no chance of exposure this way!
Happy nursing!
What are your tips for breastfeeding in public?
*This post is part of the weekly breastfeeding blog hop hosted by Sisters in Cloth.


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