Books We Love: Not Your Everyday Illustrated Thesaurus

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I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this book.  I know when I write, I try to find different, more descriptive words to say something, but in all honesty, I’ve probably never looked in a thesaurus myself before.  Since becoming an Usborne Books & More consultant though, I basically want all of them and I knew this would be a perfect tool for our homeschool journey.  Today I am sharing with you the Not Your Everyday Illustrated Thesaurus {plus I forgot what other book I had pulled out to share this week}.


The Not Your Everyday Illustrated Thesaurus features bright, engaging and fun photos and many words.  But not in a boring, look it up because you have to kind of way.  The words in this thesaurus are arranged in a fun way by topic that makes writing a story from it easy and fun.  Writing a story about halloween?  Check out the spooky words page.  Need a more descriptive word for dark street?  Here are a few to choose from.  Which word will you choose?

Usborne Books Not Your Everyday Illustrated Thesaurus

There are story starters on some pages and story endings on some.  Spend some time engaging with your kids and have some fun creating stories you can treasure forever.  {Am I the only adult who still has a book of stories I wrote as a child?}


The back of the book has some word games to play together.  Before you know it, your child will have an enormous vocabulary and you can sit back and think about the memories you’ve made.

Not Your Everyday Illustrated Thesaurus will have your kids begging to learn more words to write their story. With story starters, fun themes and word games to play together, this book will be a hit in every household.

I recently wrote this post sharing another fun way we are using the Not Your Everyday Illustrated Thesaurus.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

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