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My kids spend a lot of time creating masterpieces. They are constantly painting something – sometimes each other. No joke – the other day I hear this sweet voice from the backseat of the truck…..You have to see my face mom, I’m a chicken! Charlie used a washable marker to turn Henry into a chicken while they were buckled in their seats. He is still begging me not to wash it off. No matter how creative they are – every now and then they want to use some of their art books from the shelf in their art area.

Whether they are learning a new art medium or perfecting a skill they already have, they spend so much time creating. I love to keep a handful of art books on hand for them to have the opportunity to learn something new. I pull them out as part of our art class for homeschool pretty regularly.

There are a ton of different art books that we really love but today I want to share just a few of the art books we love. First up is the Usborne Book of Art Ideas. This book is so full of information and ideas that you’ll never get bored. From learning a new art skill to ways to use that skill you just learned, your kids will never tire of paging through it.

The next book I want to share is Art Treasury. We use this often for art class in our homeschool day. I introduce an artist from the book and we follow it up with creating our own artwork using that artist’s technique.

The kids have a bunch of different How to Draw books. These are step-by-step instructions on how to draw people or animals or whatever else may be in that book.

Nature’s Art Box is another book we love. We spend so much time outside and this is just another way of bringing us closer to nature.

Each week we are chatting about books we love.  Check them all out on our feature page.

These books are all a fun addition to any art area. Do you have a favorite art book that I should add to our collection?

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