Books We Love: Bear Grylls Adventures: The Jungle Challenge

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I’m crazy excited to share this series with you.  My five year old loves it!  He’s usually so wild at bedtime but he gets ready quickly so we can sit and read this series.  At the end of every chapter, he begs for one more chapter.  The other day, he really wanted to read it and got sick of waiting for me so he was trying to read it on his own.  I was bubbling over with joy from that moment.  He isn’t reading yet but this is so motivating to him. I’m enjoying the story as much as the kids are.  Plus, the Bear Grylls Adventures are packed full of facts.  I was even learning so much in The Jungle Challenge about how to survive in the jungle.  There are fantastic illustrations throughout the books and some of them have questions at the end to test your survival knowledge.   I love having my kids yell at me that I can’t stop – I HAVE to read the next chapter!  If you have an outdoor adventure kind of kid, you have to check this adventure series out.

There are four books in the series.  There are also activity books in the series as well as a survival guide and extreme planet book.  I can’t wait to have them all.  In The Jungle Challenge, young Omar loses his temper and takes off running.  Suddenly, he finds himself in trouble in the middle of the jungle.  Bear Grylls arrives to save his life and help him on his dangerous journey home.  Find out if Omar learns to slow down and wise up to get out of the jungle alive.

Looking for great stories for young adventurers? Bear Grylls Adventures bring the real world to life as Bear helps the kids on a crazy adventure to survive and find their way back to camp.


What are your favorite adventure stories?  Have you read any of the Bear Grylls books?


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