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I’ve shared a book by Jennifer Nielsen before because it was amazing! So amazing in fact, that we have kept on reading her books one after another. The latest one we finished was Resistance and I had to feature this on books we love. Now, this is an intense and emotional topic for sure and these books are written with so much adventure and danger in them that they certainly aren’t for everyone. We do have friends who this book would be too much for but we love them. We always want to keep reading one more chapter to see what happens next.

New York Times¬†bestseller Jennifer A. Nielsen tells the extraordinary story of a Jewish girl’s courageous efforts to resist the Nazis.
Chaya Lindner is a teenager living in Nazi-occupied Poland. Simply being Jewish places her in danger of being killed or sent to the camps. After her little sister is taken away, her younger brother disappears, and her parents all but give up hope, Chaya is determined to make a difference. Using forged papers and her fair features, Chaya becomes a courier and travels between the Jewish ghettos of Poland, smuggling food, papers, and even people.
Soon Chaya joins a resistance cell that runs raids on the Nazis’ supplies. But after a mission goes terribly wrong, Chaya’s network shatters. She is alone and unsure of where to go, until Esther, a member of her cell, finds her and delivers a message that chills Chaya to her core, and sends her on a journey toward an even larger uprising in the works — in the Warsaw Ghetto.
Though the Jewish resistance never had much of a chance against the Nazis, they were determined to save as many lives as possible, and to live — or die — with honor.
Resistance joins the Scholastic Gold line, which features award-winning and beloved novels. Includes exclusive bonus content!


Historical fiction is our jam and this book is a home run with all of us. We are already starting yet another one by Jennifer Nielsen, I’m sure we’ll share that one too. Until then – I’d love to hear what you’ve read lately that we should check out. Happy reading and if you need some ideas – check out the books we love.


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