Books We Love: Toliver’s Secret

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I love when I can sneak in some history by reading an interesting story that really has a lot of historical information and the kids don’t know! You see, this book – Toliver’s Secret is about a young, ten-year-old girl who disguises herself as a boy to deliver a VERY important message to George Washington. Young Ellen faces many challenges along the way and we get to journey through the story with her and discuss the differences between then and now, the geography of where she is and where she is going and so much more.

If I started reading this story during the morning when we do our book work for school, my son would fight it, goof off, who knows what – but we wouldn’t enjoy the story. I decided to read it at bedtime and guess what – we both just want to keep reading every night. It is part of the extra recommended reading for Notgrass history that we are doing with Charlie.

You can view other books we love – let me know below what one of your favorite books of the week has been.

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