Born Smart Newborn #Clothdiaper Review

With Maggie, we didn’t start using cloth diapers until around 4 or 6 months old.  I knew when I found out I was pregnant again, that I wanted to use newborn cloth diapers with Charlie.  When I was pregnant with Henry, I knew that there were a few newborn cloth diapers that I really wanted to check out.  One of them wasthe Born Smart diaper from Smart Bottoms.  I had reviewed the Smart Bottoms all in one cloth diaper with Charlie and it quickly became one of our favorites, so I couldn’t wait to test this diaper out on baby Henry.

Born Smart

The Born Smart is a newborn, all in one cloth diaper made with organic cotton.


When it comes to cloth diapers, one question I hear a lot, both online and from my friends, is

Are newborn cloth diapers worth the money?


My answer is and always will be, it depends.  It depends on a lot of things.  The brand, how many babies you will use the diapers on, how big or little your babies are.  While one size cloth diapers do fit on some newborns, I find them to be very bulky and don’t like to use them.  Plus, I really love my newborn cloth diaper stash.  There are more and more newborn cloth diapers out there now that are adjustable.  I am completely in love with this feature because it allows the diapers to fit both smaller and bigger babies, and fit for longer.

Born Smart

Born SmartBorn SmartThe Born Smart has that feature.  This diaper offers the snap down rise, therefore extending the size range of the diaper from 6-16 pounds.  This feature also helps me to say yes, newborn cloth diapers are worth the money.  Instead of only wearing them for a few weeks, your baby can show off that adorable little smart bottom.  Henry is currently 11, almost 12 weeks old and is somewhere around 11 pounds and the diaper still fits.

Born Smart

The Born Smart diaper also offers a rather unique umbilical cord notch.  While many newborn cloth diapers offer the snap down for the umbilical cord, I have found that that often times leads to wicking, which leads to changing the clothes.  The notch looks like a little cutout where the belly button is so it doesn’t irritate baby or the cord, allowing the diaper to fit comfortably.

Born Smart

With one snap on each wing and a single row of 8 snaps across the front of the diaper, you can get a great, customized fit for your newborn.

Born Smart

Now, onto the inside of the diaper.  The inside consists of 3 layers of organic cotton sewn into the diaper.  There is also an additional 4 layer snap in insert that is included with each diaper.  If you have that super soaking newborn, you can also add extra inserts or boosters by either laying them on top or stuffing it underneath the sewn in layer.  The design of the absorbent layers and snap in insert allow for quick drying times.

Born Smart

There are also waterproof flaps at both the front and back of the diaper.  I LOVE this.  You don’t have to worry that the inserts will poke out the front or back of the diaper causing wet clothes.  I also like the flap at the back because if I don’t have the extra insert snapped in, there would be those two snaps pressing against baby, but because of this flap, that doesn’t happen.  It is covered, therefore protecting babies skin.

Born Smart

If you are looking at starting or building a newborn cloth diaper stash, you will want to add in some Born Smart diapers.  The ease of use, and wide range for fit will give you a little more bang for your buck.

Born Smart

Now that you know a little more about the Born Smart cloth diaper, hit me up with your questions!  And then, head over to Facebook and Twitter and be in the know because coming up next week, one of you lucky readers will have the chance to win one!  If you already love SmartBottoms or want to know more, their Facebook group is a great place to ask questions and find some members only giveaways.


Have you used newborn cloth diapers before?  Have you used the Born Smart cloth diaper yet?  What features do you love about it?




  • I’d actually really like to get some for my stash if I can get some pre-loved or reasonably priced ones. I love the dip for the umbilical cord!

  • I have a small stash of newborn covers. This diaper looks so great and I definitely want to try it when we have another baby!!

  • I haven’t used newborn diapers before but our little one is coming in February and so far I have bummis but might have to pick up some smart newborn diapers because I love that you can layer it and the colors are beautiful.

  • These look great! I’ve never cloth diapered a newborn before, but I like that these have an umbilical notch.

  • Yes, we used BumGenius newborns and Fuzzibunz x-small with our first daughter. We want to try this newborn, and also TushMate newborns with our second!

    • We have a Tushmates newborn diaper too. I really love it. I’m not a fan of the velcro they used on it though. It still works fine, but the tabs come off the laundry tabs every single wash and stick to the diaper.

      • Oh, that’s too bad about the laundry tabs. Have you tried attaching the tabs to each other by twisting them around the back? I wonder if that would help. I’ve read that people say the velcro is nice and soft.

  • We’ve never used newborn cloth diapers before, since we’re still awaiting the arrival of our first LO. I’d love to try these as part of our first stash though!

  • I really like the fact that it is adjustable, an has the flaps at the front of the back to keep the wicking away! Super cute too!

  • We had diaper service for the first 6 months of my son’s life, so we had a short spell of teeny tiny little prefolds 😛

  • I never used newborn all in ones or pockets, but I did get some newborn/preemie size prefolds to use with my Thirsties wraps. They worked really well up until about 3 months old (she’s really skinny)- then I got some size 1 prefolds, which she still uses at 8 months old. I don’t know that I’d like to invest that much money on diapers I’d use for such a short period of time.

    • Oh, and the newborn prefolds are the perfect size to fit a Swiffer sweeper, in case anybody is done having kids & wants to reuse their prefolds lol. I’ve had a hard time not using them as that! But I do use them as doublers in her pocket diapers.

  • I cloth diapered my daughter as a newborn and plan to cloth diaper my second son (due in April) from the start, as well. I love that these have a snap closure, umbilical cutout, AND the adjustable rise so they fit itty bitty babies while still lasting for a bit longer than others might. 🙂

  • We have used a mix of grovia newborn and thirties duo wraps when our babies were tiny. I have never used these, but I love the snap in insert

  • This post addressed a lot of the questions that I’ve had about newborn cloth diapers, such as whether or not they’re worth the money and how long they’ll fit. It’s nice to see the adjustability in this diaper. We didn’t use cloth diapers with my daughter until she was a few months old (now I can’t remember exactly when), but I want to try it the next time. These Born Smarts look like a good option. I like that they’re organic cotton.

  • Currently using cloth with my 9 mo, have since birth. I would’ve lvoed this one for the newborn stage! Having a notch cut out seems a much beter thing than the snap down front for the umbilical cord. And I love the customizable absorbabilty. I had a heavy wetter.

  • I had my first baby a few weeks ago so I am just now starting to cloth diaper. I have so much to learn. I like the different colors and prints you can get. I love that they are adjustable

  • I have never used newborn cloth diapers before. The ones I had just didn’t work for us. But I plan to for the next baby. I love the umbilical notch on these.

  • I’ve never used a newborn cloth diaper before, and have always used my one size straight from birth. But then again, so far I’ve had 2 pretty large babies (10.5 and 11.3 lbs). I’m currently pregnant with #3 and really hoping to keep the weight down for delivery reasons- and am interested in trying a newborn cloth from birth. I like that this one is adjustable all the way to 16 lbs – so I could have used it with my large littles. But I also really like the design of the front of the diaper for the belly button and umbilical cord. Super cool!

  • We have never used newborn cloth diapers, but love cloth diapering so much that we’re taking the plunge for the next baby! This looks like a spectacular newborn diaper! Wish the price was a little lower though.

  • I haven’t used newborn cloth diapers yet. I’m looking forward to my first baby in April and I want to cloth diaper. So many people have told me not to bother cloth diapering a newborn and to just use disposables at the very beginning. I really want to try cloth from the start though. These ones look great!

    • Go for it then! I used cloth as soon as we got home from the hospital with my 2nd baby. I fully planned to cd from the start with this baby. I did at first in the hospital, but I also switched back and forth which surprised me. But I had been so exhausted and he wasn’t peeing as often as the doctors would like, so I was a little nervous. I used the disposables that the hospital gave us for the first few days. Besides, cloth on a newborn is sooooo adorable!

  • I haven’t tried any newborn diapers but I do have a cover to try out here. We got mostly one size diapers so we have been waiting to start cloth diapering until he fits a little better. Glad these worked for your family, I would love to try some!

  • I am trying to get a NB stash with a lot of variety since we have no idea how big the baby will be or what we will like, and these look like some awesome additions to try! We only have a few Bumgenius, Lil Joeys, and Rumparooz covers so far.

  • I do have nb covers butI haven’t gotten through the nb sposies I recieved at my baby shower so idk if I will get around to using them. Im glad I got mostly one size covers

  • Wow, I didn’t realize that they had adjustable newborn diapers! We used prefolds and covers mostly, and I had two Imagine AIO’s but the fit left something to be desired at times. I’m definitely going to keep these in mind for the next one!

  • I didn’t start using cloth until my daughter was about 6 months, and I’m done having kids. My husband wouldn’t mind having another, but I’ll be 40 this year. Is it sad that I thought about it for awhile just so I could use newborn cloth diapers? They are seriously the cutest things ever!

  • We didn’t start cloth with our current little one until he was 4 months old, so we went straight to OS diapers. However, if we ever have another baby the Smart Bottoms newborn diapers are at the top of my list to add to our fluff stash 🙂

  • I only had one nb sized cover, but my LO’s were all over 8 pounds. I used small gdiapers and prefolds w/ covers from 8ish days old onward, so couldn’t really justify the expense for newborn size. They are sooo adorable, though, I wish I could have!

  • I have not used NB cloth or any cloth diapers before! My first baby is due in 5.5 weeks and we are building up our stash! I am super excited about the umbilical cord snap down on some of the diapers we have!

  • I’ve never used newborn cloth diapers before, but we’re planning to with our new baby. The waterproof flaps on this diapers sound great!

  • I’ve been using Cottonique’s cloth diapers for all my 3 babies! And the best thing about them is that I got to save money because I re-used them every time. I highly suggest that moms out there should invest in reusable diapers, especially from this brand because their stuff are made from 100% pure organic cotton and are hypoallergenic! Super safe for baby’s health and skin. The fabric is so soft, that I even bought their organic cotton bras from them with no wire.

    You can check them out

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