Bringing Bible Stories to Life with Secret of the Hidden Scrolls {Book Review}

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We are a book family – so much so that I tend to run out of places to put them. That love of books has been passed down to the kids – especially my daughter. Her words to me last week when I was asking why her bedroom wasn’t cleaned, “There are books in here, I get distracted. What do you want me to do?” You guys – I can’t even argue about that. I’m with her, I get distracted by books all the time, especially a series that I can dig into.  That’s why I’m excited to share The Secret of the Hidden Scroll series with you.  Bring Bible stories to life with the Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series. My kids are loving these books and can't wait to get the other two to read.

The kids and I look forward to bedtime so we can snuggle up all together in my bed and read some stories. When we started reading The Great Escape {Book 3} from WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group, we were all hooked from the lion’s roar. We were only a chapter into this one and couldn’t wait to read Journey to Jericho {Book 4}. In the words of my favorite eight-year-old, “We have to get the first two books!”  I’m pretty sure my daughter could relate to Mary so much because of her love of books.

In each adventure, Mary, Peter, and Hank are off to solve the Secret of the Hidden Scrolls. They have a certain amount of time to solve the phrase on each script. As the adventure goes on, the trio ends up having to escape different situations and the scroll in Peter’s bag ALWAYS starts shaking at an inopportune time. We love when the kids uncover a word on the scroll because then we have to pause the story for the kids to guess what the rest of the scroll says. Once they solve it all, the trio is transported back to Great-Uncle Solomon’s house.

Reading The Great Escape, the kids and I kept wondering throughout the chapters who the mysterious great magician was. We knew he was significant in the story and discovering his role was kind of an ah-ha moment.  There are great pictures throughout the story and my six-year-old may not sit still while we read but when he knows there is a picture, he is right there to soak it all in as he listens to the story.

After the story ends, there is a section that shows you where to go to read more about the events from the story in the Bible, broken down by sections. This part is taken from About the Author section but it perfectly describes this series.

Mike combines biblical accuracy with adventure, imagination and characters who are dear to his heart

I love this description.  We love the suspense in the story and the way that it brings our own emotions into the story as if we were really there.  When Princess Shephara’s brother died, we all felt her sadness as we read that part of the story.  When Peter had to quickly hide in the bushes in Journey to Jericho, we held our breath hoping he didn’t get caught.  Then when Hank disappeared, we {as a total animal loving family} were really worried about what happened to him.  Bringing our feelings into the story made it so much more exciting as we were reading through it.  I already have books 1 {The Beginning} and 2 {Race to the Ark} in my shopping cart because we are finishing the last chapter of Journey to Jericho and can’t wait to start reading the first two books in the series and we really hope there are more!

They are recommended for ages 6-9 and I would say that is pretty accurate.  I’m reading them to my 8, 6 and 4-year-old but my oldest could definitely read these herself. We really love the Secrets of the Hidden Scrolls series and after we finish them, they go on my daughter’s bookshelves for her to read to me at bedtime.  Check out what some of my fellow blogger friends have to say about them as well.

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