Bump Update: 19 Weeks

Bump Update  19 WeeksI have to admit, at 19 weeks pregnant, I feel pretty amazing.  There have actually been days here or there where I don’t feel nauseous at all.  I’m still down 4 pounds, but definitely look pregnant.  The one pregnancy symptom I notice quite regularly is dizziness.  Whenever I stand up, I get a little dizzy, so I have to be sure to hold on to something just in case.  I also get winded really easily, as in, even going downstairs, not just up.


This pregnancy has been very different all along, starting with the lack of bleeding during those first few weeks which was a welcome relief.  With Maggie, that went on throughout the pregnancy.  With Charlie, it was 2 straight weeks in the beginning.  I also feel like this baby sits higher than either of them did.


Next Friday is my appointment for my 20 week check-up as well as the ultrasound.  We will not be finding out the gender of this baby either which makes it all the more exciting for me.


The kids are both starting to talk about baby a lot.  They lift up my shirt and give the baby belly kisses.  It is really adorable.


I’ve never nested with either of the kids, but feel like I’ve been doing that all along this time.  Well, at least since I developed energy!  Or, it may just be that I have about a billion projects I’d like to get finished.  I decided while laying Charlie down for nap today that I absolutely have to paint my bedroom.  It’s been in my mind for a few years, but I think it may just get done soon {like right after we replace the patio door in there}.


Baby’s arms and legs are in the right position and proportionate to the body now.  The brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch.


Baby is weighing in at a whopping 1/2 pound now!  And reaching about 6 inches.  Those little movements are way more often now, but will also go most of a day without noticing.  I love feeling those little reminders that it is a real person growing inside there, it is amazing every single time.  Plus, just this last week I actually was able to feel the baby move with my hand, although for anybody else to feel it, they kind of have to feel me up!  Haha.





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