Bump Update: 23 Weeks

If I had to guess, I would say baby is going through a growth spurt.  I have been starving to the point where I’m sure I will be sick if I go longer than 2 hours without eating a bunch of food.  Especially toward the end of the day, I am so hungry!  Not only that, I am flat out exhausted.  I know we had a fun weekend at the Wisconsin Dells and probably recovering a little bit, but I get to where I can hardly keep my eyeballs open throughout the day.


Baby is about the size of a papaya now, measuring about 8 inches and slightly over a pound.  Baby will about double his or her weight over the next month.  I feel humongous!  It sure feels like baby is bigger than this already.  Most days, there is a ton of movement, and it’s so much fun to lay my hand on that spot and feel baby or even just watch baby moving around.

23 Weeks, Bump Update

Seriously, my boobs look weird.  Not sure what’s up with that!


We had our follow up ultrasound to get a better picture of the heart chambers last Thursday, and I asked what babies position was.  I was pretty certain that that morning baby had flipped and was no longer breech.  I was right {because I’m smart like that}.  I felt like I could feel and identify body parts based on where and what I was feeling.  Baby was being all sorts of cute again during the ultrasound.  We got a pretty cool picture of the eye.  We could actually see the eye moving during the ultrasound.  Baby kept moving his or her arms up over his / her head.  We did get a great picture of babies heart chamber this time.


We have our 24 weeks appointment next week.


    • Aww, I remember being so anxious to start looking pregnant! I feel humongous already, even had somebody tell me I must be due anytime now! Congrats on the first baby 🙂 And yes, the movement is the best, this baby has been bumping around all night, and with the hands over the head, I feel those teeny tiny fists so low in my pelvis all of the time. We are due on October 12th, when is your due date?

      • It amazes me that you know what is what – I have no idea if I’m feeling feet, elbows, or hands. haha. Going for an ultrasound no Wednesday though so maybe that will give me some insight. 😉

        We are due October 16th according to the docs and my family planning chart says the 13th so we shall see! 😀
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