Bump Update: Week 26

This last week has been relatively uneventful.  I say relatively because part of this post involves something that is way TMI.  But I figure I will share it since Google doesn’t seem to have the answers for me and I am actually going to have to call my doctor about it.  But….I will save that part for the end of the post so you don’t accidentally read something you don’t want to know about.


We spent the 4th of July weekend at the cabin and it was hot!  The heat was really getting to me this weekend, but as long as I take it easy, it seems to be fine.  I’ve still had that trouble, a little bit every day, with my hip.  Just seems to be on the right side and sometimes, I can hardly even get up from the floor or chair to move and it takes me a good 5-10 minutes.  I *think* I have figured some of this out though, and as long as I keep my leg straight, which means not sitting cross legged which I love, it seems to help.  Rotating it out at all seems to be a huge factor in it.  Not doing it hasn’t eliminated it, but it does seem to be helping.

26 Weeks baby #3

This baby is insanely active nowadays.  Baby is up to about 2 pounds and 9 inches long.  His or her eyelids are starting to open.  I think everybody in the house is having a growth spurt – Maggie, Charlie and this baby.  I am flat out exhausted!  But still playing softball – woohoo!  It’s okay, I promise, my doctor knows and is alright with it.


Okay…onto the TMI part.  My lady parts are swollen.  Sort of anyways.  It’s hard to explain and I am going to have to call the doctor about it.  Something inside is swollen and pushing down on my vagina area.  I notice a lot when I go to the bathroom.  There is no pain or discomfort at all, but it really creeps me out.  A friend suggested something like a saggy bladder.  It’s squishy and I can push on it.  Seriously, creepy.


So if you have an idea what my TMI symptom is all about, let me know!


***Update:  I did go to the doctor today.  I have varicose veins in my lady parts.  The doctor found me entertaining.  Let’s face it…you need a sense of humor when the doctor is checking out your lady parts and your 3 year old is sitting there going….”Is she putting something in your vagina?”  ***

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