Carseat Sidekick Review and Giveaway

Carseat Sidekick Review and Giveaway

You have been there – you know – that moment when your baby is sleeping in your arms but you have to leave the house.  Now you have to put them in their seat, set them down on the straps, and then dig them out from under baby… finally get them buckled and then hope they go back to sleep for that much needed nap.  Well, there is a solution to that.  The Carseat Sidekick.

 The Carseat Sidekick was created out of necessity.  When taking home their first child from the hospital, they realized there was no easy way to get the car seat straps out from underneath him without waking him up and making him cry.  The Carseat Sidekick is functional, attractive, and compatible with all major carseat brands. 
Plus, I always love a company that is giving back, and Carseat Sidekick is doing just that.  $.10 of every carseat sidekick sold is given to Living Water International.  783 million people in the world have unsafe drinking water and anything helps.

So what exactly is the Carseat Sidekick?  It is the answer to your sleeping baby -getting- into- the -carseat -woes.  It consists of 2 retractable metal balls that attach to the handles of the carseat and 2 magnetic shoulder straps.  If you have a wide handled carseat, they also come with larger clips to fasten it to the handle.

 Then, simply velcro the tabs with the metallic ball onto the carseat straps.  Pull the retractable balls down to the straps and voila!  The carseat straps stay out of the way and you can easily place baby in the seat.  Getting their little wiggly arms in is really easy this way because the straps are pulled back and when Charlie man stretches them, it is enough to unclasp the magnets.

When you are ready to take out your little one, take their arms out and clasp the strap to the ball again and it is ready for the next use.  Easy peasy!

These really are easy to use!  It takes just seconds and results in a happier little guy and saves a few seconds each time.  The only downside I found is that I would love to be able to use these in a convertible car seat as well because Maggie has been in hers since she was 6 months old and hates when I sit her down on her straps.  The hooks don’t work well to clasp onto her carseat because there is no handle.  However, these are made solely for infant seats, so that makes sense.  They are working on a version for convertible car seats already!

You can also use these on strollers too!  The Carseat Sidekick has been safety tested and approved by CIPSIA.
They are available in 3 different colors – blue/green, pink/white, and orange/white.  We received the blue/green and love it!  It is such an appealing color to look at, as well as being a great color no matter whether you have a boy or a girl.  I feel like these are really well made, easy to use and helpful products to have and may even be getting some for my sister or sister in law who are both having baby girls in the next few months.  If you are looking for a great gift that everybody else won’t be giving the mom to be – these are perfect!

I have used another similar product and found that that product didn’t work with our carseat, so I think the Carseat Sidekick is much more versatile.

 2 lucky readers will win their very own Carseat SideKick in their choice of boy or girl color.

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*Disclosure:  I received the Carseat Sidekick for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own and only influenced by my experience with the product and company.*

Giveaway open to US and Canada
Ends 11:59 pm EST on November 22, 2012
Only one entry per household.  Duplicate entries will be disqualified. 


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