4 Reasons to Go Diaper Free: Understanding Elimination Communication

If you don’t know what elimination communication is, it is using cues and signals from your baby to help them use the potty.  This can be done from birth or any other age.  While you may have doubts, questions or something else entirely, let me tell you – elimination communication is real.  It can really…

What Do I Need to Cloth Diaper a Newborn?

Cloth diapering a newborn doesn’t have to be difficult. You will likely need more cloth diapers than you would with an older infant / toddler. Why waste money on disposable diapers when you can start saving money right from the start? The cost of buying a newborn stash doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and many of the things you will buy can be used as your baby grows. So, what do I need to cloth diaper a newborn, you may be wondering. Well, here you go.