Smoky Chili #Recipe

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Salsa Mac & Cheese: Dinner on a Budget with Kraft Coupons

This may be the nicest summer I can remember. You know, not too hot, not too rainy. I’m pretty sure that where our house is, we have just lucked out. Even being 7 months pregnant, it is just plain gorgeous out. I can enjoy being outside instead of getting overheated so quickly. Because of the great weather, dinner is the last thing on my mind. Yet, I still have to make dinner. Every night.

Cooking Up Some Family Favorites with Jumbo Stuffed Shells #recipe

As a parent, any meal loaded with veggies that the kids love is a win, and our Jumbo Stuffed Shells recipe is just the thing. In the summer, it is even more fun because we hit up the garden or the farmer’s market for some really fresh vegetables to add in. The kids {sort of} help cut up the vegetables. Most of the time, I have all of the ingredients for this already in the cupboard from our weekly shopping trips to Walmart. Have you ever noticed that the pasta aisle is the busiest aisle in the store?

Quick Snacks They Can Make Themselves {+ How to Create a DIY Pizza Bar}

Our recent favorite that has been such a big hit with all of the kids was our DIY Bagel Bites Pizza Bar. When we went shopping this week, I let the kids help choose what toppings they wanted to put on their pizza bites. They were so excited to pick out their own vegetables and toppings and we could not wait to make our snack. Here is a list of toppings that the kids picked out.