Choosing a one size diaper for newborns + Rarpz review

*Disclosure:  I received compensation in the form of products for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.*


When I was pregnant with Charlie, we knew we would use newborn diapers.  John worried a lot about the bulk of one size diapers on newborns.  I know that buying a newborn cloth diaper stash doesn’t work for every budget because they only wear them for a short time.  Now, a year and a half later, I have found some one size diapers that I would put on a newborn. Rarpz newborn Here are a few things that I look for in a one size diaper if I am planning to use it on a newborn.


Width between the legs.  This was a big deal for John, and the reason we bought a newborn stash.  We wanted diapers that weren’t so massively big between the legs.


Adjustability around the waist.  You are looking for a one size diaper that not only fits as a newborn, but will also fit through the end of diapering.  Snaps and velcro will both offer you a decent range of waist sizes.  Which you use will be a personal preference.  As a newborn, I like velcro diapers because they are more adjustable.  When choosing snap diapers for newborns, look for diapers with crossover snaps to fit smaller waist sizes.


Rise settings/length adjustability.  How do the diapers adjust to be one size diapers?  There are a few options here.  The majority of one size diapers have rise snaps.  How many will depend on the diaper.  There are also fold over rise one size diapers.  Another option is a toggle cord, either inside or outside the diaper, allowing you to adjust the size.  The third choice is elastic adjustment.  You hook a button through a certain loop on the elastic to get the size you want.


Overall bulk.  The other big deal for us when choosing a one size diaper for newborns was the overall bulk.  How big were they when snapped all the way down to the smallest setting?  Did it swallow up the baby after it was on, or actually look like it fits?


Fit.  While any one size diaper is still likely to be somewhat bulky, as long as it fits the babies legs and waist, it will contain the mess.


One of my favorite one size diapers that I would put on a newborn are Rarpz cloth nappies.


Emma began Rarpz diapers about 8 years ago based in New Zealand.  Now, the cloth nappies are available in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, and the US.  If you don’t want to buy some of these diapers after checking them out, you will as soon as you talk to Emma.  She is super nice and it’s been a great pleasure to work with her.


Emma sent us 3 different pocket cloth diapers for review.  I love the 3 she chose because it gives me an idea of the different diaper options she makes.  We received the Rockstar PUL nappy in snaps, the Star Gazer Glow in the Dark Character minky nappy, and the aqua velcro nappy.  You have to check out the creature nappies too, because the shark pup is one that I would love to add to my stash!


Each of the diapers fits from approximate 7 1/2 pounds to 37 1/2 pounds, making this a great one size cloth diaper.  The diapers have 3 rise settings, small, medium and large. Rarpz cloth diapersRarpz cloth diapersRarpz cloth diaper As you can see in these pictures, the Rarpz, on the smallest setting, is about the same size as a Swaddlebees Simplex newborn diaper which fits around 6 pounds, so I think the Rarpz could possibly fit smaller as well. Rarpz cloth diapers Here are pictures of the Rarpz diaper next to the Swaddlebees Simplex newborn, as well as next to a Rumparooz Lil’ Joey.  And, check out the fit on a newborn, courtesy of my friend Heather at  Mommy’s Favorite Things.  While I know that minky diapers are, by nature of the fabric, bulkier than non-minky diapers, the diaper still gets a great fit.  I’d love to have a shot of a newborn in a non-minky diaper just to see how trim it fits. Rarpz newborn fit With one row of 10 snaps across the front, and two snaps on each wing, you can easily adjust the waist size of the diaper.  There is also one crossover snap on the snap diapers.  The velcro Rarpz diapers feature a solid row of velcro across the front of the diaper, and then a tab of velcro on each wing.  The velcro on the wings allows for a crossover waist as well, by placing one side on top of the other. Rarpz cloth diaperRarpz cloth diapers Because velcro can wreak havoc on laundry, Rarpz diapers have laundry tabs.  Laundry tabs are spots where you can stick the velcro wings when washing so they don’t hook up to your other diapers.  I like the velcro on this diaper because of the wide velcro strip across the front.  Plus, there is enough space between the top of the velcro and the top of the diaper, so it doesn’t rub against baby while he is moving around.  Rarpz cloth diapersRarpz velcro With elastic at both the legs and the back, you will get a snug, comfortable fit on baby. Rarpz cloth diapers The rockstar and the aqua diapers are both made with a breathable, waterproof outer.  The rockstar has a soft, buttery yellow micro fleece stay dry lining, and the aqua has a white micro fleece stay dry lining.  The star gazer diaper has a printed designer cotton outer, a lush lime outer space minky with a soft, baby blue micro fleece lining and a hidden waterproof layer. The minky diaper is a bit bigger than the non-minky diapers.  Not a lot larger, but enough that I notice it.  While the pocket opening is not the biggest I have encountered, I have found it to be plenty big to quickly stuff the insert without any problems.  The elastic is good and stretchy to fit your hand. Rarpz cloth diaper The insert is a trifold bamboo.  I. Love. Bamboo.  Love!  This insert is made with double layered bamboo served together with multi-tonal green thread matching the Rarpz label.  These new bamboo trifolds are bigger than the old ones, measuring 14 x 14 stretched out  after washing.  {These will shrink upon the hot pre-wash prep as they are designed to do}. Rarpz cloth diaper, bamboo trifold To use, fold the insert in thirds {hence the trifold}, then stuff into the pocket.  Bamboo is really absorbent, and these three layers have held up to even the biggest jobs.


I love our Rarpz diapers, and right now, they are 3 of the very few pocket diapers we are still using.  I love how trim they are.  When they first arrived, I was a bit worried about how long they would fit because they look smaller than many one size diapers, but Charlie is roughly 28 pounds and only on the medium setting with room to grow still.  I honestly have nothing bad to say about Rarpz cloth nappies.  I love them.


Check out Rarpz cloth diapers and let me know which one you love the most.  Then, hop on over here for your chance to win the Star Gazer diaper.  Ends February 6th.


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And seriously folks, check out her Facebook pictures.  Let me know your favorite diaper, from Facebook or the website.  I cannot make up my mind, they are all so flufftastic!  


*Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned diapers for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.*


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