Cleaning isn’t quite as tough thanks to Lysol Power & Free

I had never had sensitivities to cleaning products until I became pregnant.  Ever since getting pregnant with Maggie, I would get sick and have troubles breathing, or my eyes would burn.  The jobs that needed certain cleaners just wasn’t done by me anymore.  Now, I have two kids, and nothing has changed.  When my Lysol Power & Free arrived for review, I got to cleaning right away to see if I could handle it.

Lysol Power & Free is a bleach free cleaning product.  I received the wipes, as well as the cleaning spray.  I love cleaning wipes, and sometimes make my own, but I like to keep some store bought ones on hand.  I was immediately amazed by how gentle the smell was.  I could easily clean without getting sick.  I’m pretty sure that John is relieved.  Any store bought cleaner we have had in the last few years, he has had to use.  Cleaning the shower and tub has been his job because I would get so sick from it.  Bummer – these don’t make me sick, so now I have to clean them!

Awhile back, I wrote about Lysol’s cleaning initiative – Healthing.  I love it!  I want to do more than just clean, I want to keep my family healthy.  I am amazed that Lysol Power & Free kills 99.9% of germs without using bleach!  I have recently started watching some friends’ kids to make more money, and one of those kids happens to just be getting over a cold.  I am not taking the chance of my kids getting sick, last winter just about did me in!  So I have been keeping a careful eye out and washing whatever she plays with with Lysol Power & Free wipes, then rinsing them off with water before my kids play with them again. They work great when I just don’t have the time to soak them like I normally would to clean them.

My shower:  this is a tough job!  John works in construction and digs in the dirt all day, so needless to say, our shower can get pretty grubby!  Check out the before and after.

Lysol Power & Free

I only did a quick scrub on the shower and then the kids wanted some attention.  I am impressed with how good it cleaned without using bleach.  John will be going back and giving it a really good scrub with this stuff later tonight to see if it finishes the job when it has time to.

What tough job would you tackle with Lysol Power & Free?

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  • i love love love Lysol products i have a bottle with bleach its pretty strong much stronger than just a regular bottle of Clorox so i pour it into 4 bottles evenly and dilute it with water and if got 4 bottles for the price of one and it still get the job done i honestly don’t use many other cleaners in my house i don’t really need to!!

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