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I’m not sure if you have heard or not – but I LOVE fitted diapers!  When Erica at Battle Buddies approached me about doing a review, of course I had to say yes!

Battle Buddies, Our Piece of Earth

I’m sure you have heard, or maybe even asked the question, what cloth diapers work well on bigger kids?  The answer my friends, is Battle Buddies.  


Battle Buddies Cloth Diapers are made by Erica, a young mama who is originally from Florida.  Now, she is an army wife and mother to 4 young children – 5 year old twins, a 3 year old, and a 2 year old.  Erica has been making diapers for her own kids since her 3 year old was born.  In April of last year, she opened up Battle Buddies to help pass the time while her husband was deployed.  She does most of her sewing in the wee hours of the night while the kids are sleeping.  The Battle Buddies family is currently in Ft. Hood, but will be heading to Germany this fall.  They try to live with as small of a carbon footprint as possible with their large {by today’s standards} family.  When she isn’t sewing, she enjoys hanging out with family, visiting parks and zoos, and family movie nights.  


I originally received the old style Battle Buddies diaper, and it was working great!  Since getting that diaper, Erica has improved her hybrid fitted diapers and sent me a new one to review.  Here are the details on this new, improved diaper.


The diaper is made using heavy bamboo.  The outer layer is made of a gorgeous knit print, then, a hidden layer of windpro, and the inside is cotton velour.  There are 2 inserts included – a fold-over, contoured insert consisting of 2 layers of heavy bamboo fleece topped with a layer of cotton velour.  The second is a booster that consists of 2 layers of heavy bamboo fleece topped with a layer of cotton velour.  Used all together, there are 9 layers of absorbency in the inserts.

Battle Buddies inserts, Our Piece of Earth, cloth diapers

With this diaper, there are 12 snaps across the front of the diaper, and 3 snaps on each wing.  The diaper does allow for crossover snaps, so even if you have a small waisted little one, you can get a great fit.  Plus, if you are a bit picky like me, you like your snaps to be on a certain side.  No matter which side you prefer, these snaps are the right way.  The crossover snaps can go either way!

Battle Buddies cloth diaper, Our Piece of eArth

The back elastic and leg elastic is very gentle on babies skin, and allows for a snug fit that doesn’t allow any of their business to escape.

Battle Buddies, hybrid fitted cloth diaper, Our PIece of Earth Battle Buddies, Our Piece of Earth, hybrid fitted, cloth diaper

Each diaper is handmade in the USA.  The one size diaper fits from 12-35 pounds, the OSXL from 25-45+ pounds, and the little buddies fit from 8-22 pounds.  What makes these diapers one size is the fold down rise {not on the the second diaper we received}.


We have been using this diaper about every other day to give it as much of a workout as we can.  FIrst of all, the print is gorgeous.  I love the bright, fun print on this diaper.   Because of the many layers of this diaper, it is bulky, but also very absorbent.  We have used it for two different uses – overnight, and during the day without a cover, after all, who wants to cover up that cute fluffy butt?  We have had zero leaks with this diaper.  I have found that the cover that best fits over this diaper, out of what we own, are our Thirsties cover and our Rearz cover.


I love hybrid fitted diapers, they are my new favorites.  I have heard many moms searching for a diaper to fit their larger toddlers.  Well folks, here it is!  Battle Buddies may be the answer to keeping your larger kiddos dry through the night.  Visit Battle Buddies on Facebook and check out more of her gorgeous creations.  The one size diapers are $30, XL one size are $35, newborn diapers are $25, and little buddies are $28.  Check out the stocking on Hyena Cart or Wild World of Fluff.


Win one from August 1-15th.


What is your favorite diaper from Battle Buddies?

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  • I just recently discovered hybrid fitteds and I in in LOVE! My heavy wetter can wear them for 2-3 hours without a cover and they are so soft and squishy 🙂

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