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Pinterest is amazing, right?! So many recipes to choose from and things to try. That being said, I love having a regular cookbook and so do the kids. We have a few different kids cookbooks that they love looking through to choose recipes. Today when the neighbor girl came over, the girls decided we needed to pick out a recipe and bake something delicious. Today I want to share some of my kids’ favorite cookbooks and we hope your family enjoys the recipes as well.

Cookbooks for KidsPictures are taken from the Creative Kids Yum!-Schooling cookbook and the chocolate chip cookies recipes. This cookbook is full of desserts that my kids love baking. I was very hands-off today and let the girls do this with very minimal input from me. They love following this because everything is clearly labeled. First it shows with pictures the ingredients needed; the tools needed and then step by step instructions of what to do. At the end of the recipe, it has a checklist and a spot to draw a picture of their recipe or the process. It has some questions and answers about each recipe and then different activities throughout the book.Cookbooks for Kids

Eat Your Way Through the USA and Eat Your Way Around the World. We use this to go along with geography as we try foods normally eaten in that area. These usually include a full meal – a main dish, side dish and dessert as well as a little information about that place.Cookbooks for Kids

Start to Cook is a wonderful kid friendly cookbook that not only gives your kids tons of great recipes, but also teaches them kitchen safety.  Whether we are talking about food allergies or substitutions, your children will learn a lot about keeping their food prep space safe and ready to cook. Cookbooks for Kids

Children’s World Cookbook is similar in style to the Start to Cookbook with the vibrant pictures and step by step directions and a little about the country. Separated by country, each recipe tells you a little about the area, ingredients you need, step-by-step directions . With over 30 recipes, you are sure to discovered something new you love.

20 Recipes Kids Should Know is a cookbook written by two sisters. With great recipes to teach kids a basic approach to cooking, this cookbook is fun to have around.

Fairy Cooking is full of adorable recipes that are perfect for a tea party or anything else. The recipes are delightful treats your kids will have fun making and eating! Another Usborne cookbook with easy to see ingredients and directions to follow filled with gorgeous images to go along with the recipes.

These are obviously just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cookbooks for kids.

Cookbooks for Kids Follow along each week for more cooking with kids fun.  The best part of the kids having their own cookbooks is they love picking out recipes and if they pick out their own recipes is that they are more willing to try new foods.  

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