Costume Discounters *Review*

Costume Discounters *Review*

Costume Discounters offered me a costume to review.  I really wanted to get a costume for myself, but since I’m quite pregnant it would be tough to review one right now, so I opted for a toddler costume for my daughter.  Deciding which one of their great costumes took me forever!  I finally decided to review the Pink Elephant costume in a size Medium (12-18 months).  

The first thing I will say is that they ship very quickly!  We had the costume within a few days.  The next thing I noticed was how adorable it was!  I wasn’t entirely sure how Maggie would do with the trunk or the big ears, but she thought it was pretty funny.  The pink elephant costume comes in two pieces; a body suit and the hood with the trunk and ears attached.  The costume is 100 % polyester and easy to clean.  Wash in cold water and hang dry.  
The hood piece is very easy to put on her.  Just put it over her head and velcro beneath her chin.  The body suit part of the costume is easy as well, just slip over the head and snap closed.  This is a great toddler costume, especially for where we live.  We live in Minnesota, and finding a cute, warm costume can be tricky.  The way this costume is designed, we can put a hat under the hood part of the costume and dress her in extra layers underneath her costume.  
I was a bit worried because the costume had feet in it and I wasn’t sure if that would interfere with Maggie’s ability to walk in the costume, but that hasn’t been an issue at all.  The feet part fits like pajamas so she is able to move around easily while wearing the costume.  
Another fantastic feature of this costume is that it snaps down between the legs.  A definite must in a toddler costume for easy diaper changes.  The costume snaps down all the way so even though she is potty training, it’s easy to get off of her so she can use the potty.  Just unsnap and take her feet out of the costume.  
Laughing at herself in the mirror.

You can see there is plenty of room for a hat underneath the hood part to keep her little head warm.  The ears stay back and don’t get in the way of her being able to see.

Maggie discovered the trunk hanging there.

From the back.   You can see there is plenty of room for her to grow in this costume.
 My overall opinion….
I love the costume!  It’s easy to care for and fits very well.  
Costume Discounters has a huge selection of costumes for babies, toddlers, kids, teens and adults.  They also have costumes for all of the holidays!  
Visit Costume Discounters and check out their selection of costumes and pick out this years Halloween costume for a toddler (or anybody else)!  
A big Thank you to Costume Discounters for the opportunity to review this adorable costume on my daughter. 

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