Crafty Classroom: USA Activity Bundle Pack Review

Have  I mentioned that my very favorite thing about homeschool is that when the kids want to learn about something – we can just run with it.  When I saw this USA Activity Bundle Pack from Crafty Classroom, I knew that Maggie would love it.  This is absolutely the kind of activity that she loves and I’m excited to tell you about what we do that makes it even more fun and personal for us.

This activity pack has three different activity packs included:

  • U.S.A. State by State Activity Notebook
  • U.S.A. State Bird Art Cards
  • U.S.A. 50 State Mazes

Maggie is absolutely loving the activity pack – especially working through the different states.  We printed them out and 3-hole punched them to put them all into a binder.  We did the same with the bird cards and mazes.  I give her a set amount of pages to complete a week.  For now, she has been doing it about three days a week, but summer is getting busier and now she is going to complete a minimum of one state set a week.

Each state consists of one page where they locate that state on the map, color the flag, draw different things in the state like lakes, river, etc..  They also add in the abbreviation, state #, nickname, state bird and state flower as well as a spot for facts and notes.  We have a lot of state books for her to dig into to find the information but I really loved that the recommended book to go along with this activity pack was one we already owned.  But here is where we get to my very favorite part of it all.

First off – she picks the state she works on and fills it all out in any order she chooses.  She picks states where we know somebody because that makes it even more fun for her.  When it comes to the facts and notes part – she calls or FaceTime’s whoever lives there and asks them what they think are some interesting facts about the state.  She loves this part so much!!!  The facts she is learning are things that she doesn’t find in the books and it leads to fun conversations with whoever it is she is talking to about it.  We love playing state bingo and the roll around the states games.  It is great practice at naming states and capitals and we love playing games.

Did you know that every state bird isn’t different?  Some states have the same bird.  She is having fun finding out which states share the same bird and learning a few facts about the bird.  She also loves the mazes for each state.

She is choosing on her own to do these activities and learning about the different states and asks to do this for her school work.

It’s such a simple print and use pack that makes learning easy and fun for Maggie and for me.  To hear what others think about this – click the link below.

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