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Last fall I purchased a curriculum online that I thought the kids would love.  26 units, a great price and all I had to do was print it out and put it together.  I started laminating what I wanted to laminate and we started using it.  It was fun for the kids.  But after a few weeks, it was obvious that each unit was pretty much the same as the last one.  We quickly tired of it and I just started randomly printing out things to do and use for the kids.  I knew we weren’t on a strict preschool curriculum yet, but I had wanted something in place for when the baby was born.  That curriculum didn’t turn out to be the answer.

Homeschool Preschool Curriculum

When my friend Leah was looking for some people to review her preschool homeschool curriculum, I jumped {okay, I typed really fast} at the chance.  She sent us the sample unit and I loved it.  This sample unit was a nature based spring unit.  We live pretty much smack dab in the middle of a wildlife refuge.  We love to be outside and you never know what we will find when we go outside.  It could be something new growing, bugs, or the bald eagle flying by.  We love to walk down the driveway to see what animal tracks we see, usually turkey and deer.  This was going to be our kind of thing.


I don’t know about you, but we love learning about and exploring nature.  WORLD YOU LOVE curriculum incorporates Montessori, Waldor, and Reggio Emilia philosophies.  Packed with 30 unique themes and over 750 individual activities, you and your kids can enjoy nature based learning all year through.  Designed by a former teacher and now a homeschooling mama of two, this curriculum has been designed for some pretty important little people.


The kids have loved the activities that we have tried.   Especially anything that includes the garden.  Sorting the seeds is so much fun for them and gets them really excited to get planting.  Since right now our garden is just a bunch of black dirt, they had some fun digging in it looking for worms and using sticks to practice writing their names, letters and drawing sea monsters.  I really love the focus words because it gives my daughter something visual and it helps encourage Charlie to learn his letters.  I write the words on sentence strips, laminate them and leave room for her to not only learn to read them but also to practice writing them.  Each activity allows room for you to expand on it if you and your children choose.


Packed full of hands on learning activities, WORLD YOU LOVE gets my kids asking questions and really investigating what is going on around them.  Since I really do encourage the kids to ask questions often, I love knowing how much they are learning.  This has been amazing for my 2 year old.  While Maggie may be content to sit at a table and learn, Charlie most definitely is not.  He needs to be active and hands on and making a mess of some sort.  If you have ever wondered what style of learning your kids would benefit from most, Leah wrote an ebook about discovering your child’s learning style which you can check out here.


I am thrilled to have a homeschool preschool curriculum that both of the kids can benefit from without breaking the bank.  You can {affiliate link} preorder through April 30th for only $79. Not only is the price affordable, there aren’t many materials necessary that will cost you money.  Instead, the majority of what you need can be found outside your front door.  Your kids can help gather what you need, learning in the process.


I am excited to pick up my full copy of WORLD YOU LOVE preschool homeschool curriculum on May 1st, but don’t forget to preorder now before the price goes up to $149.  If you want to see the full unit that we reviewed, you can down load your sample unit here.  Find out more about WORLD YOU LOVE on Facebook and Instagram.



One lucky reader will win the full copy of Create a WORLD YOU LOVE to live in preschool homeschool curriculum.  Giveaway open Worldwide.  Ends at 11:59 pm EST on April 30, 2015.  Good luck!

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  • Im a stay at home mom with my son who is two and I’ve recently been totally stumped on how to go about teaching him beyond the basic life skills. This sounds so fantastic and perfect!! I love anything hands on and that teaches kids that this world needs to be appreciated and cherished!

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