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Creating an Efficient Workspace When You Own a Craft Business

*Disclosure: Affiliate links may be included in this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

This last Christmas was so busy – something I’m incredibly thankful for. Since my craft business is how I’m supporting my kids, it’s pretty important that I am successful. Raising three kids and homeschooling them means I need to be as efficient as possible. The mess I faced after the season spoke volumes to what was happening around here. We survived because I have an efficient workspace for my craft business. Things are settling down a bit now and I wanted to give you a little peek into how I make it work.

My craft business workspace

Every house is different so you have to work with the space you have. Because of that, I’m a bit spread out but this setup works pretty well for me. I have a space in the garage {a big space} for cutting and storing wood and staining. I have my actual craft room where I keep my vinyl cutting machine, sublimation printer, heat press, mug press and supplies I don’t need every day. Then I have this space that I want to share with you. We are in a rental and I want to do all of my painting in a non-carpeted area which really limits my options.

This table is set up right next to the kids’ toy area so we chat often while we are working. Their art space is right next to mine and they are often creating masterpieces at the same time. There are actually two tables in this space. One is where I allow the wood to dry after it’s been stained or painted. The other I use for painting and assembling. I keep everything I need daily at this table.

My craft business workspace

On the wall, you can see my orders. They aren’t arranged by order – each card has a different task so I can easier manage to do multiple orders at one time. The first card is wood I need to cut. The second is wood to stain or paint. The third is stencils I need to design and cut. The fourth is things I need to paint. The fifth is orders I haven’t started on yet. The sixth is also usually orders that I haven’t started yet or things I want to work on. It’s vacant in this photo because I only had yellow cards left and I just can’t have purple and yellow together – GO PACK GO! I maybe take football a little bit seriously and I live in Vikings country so it just can’t happen. Totally rational, right?! The more work I can do at once, the more efficient I can be. Keeping things separated by task helps me work as efficiently as possible. This table is all orders to be painted with white.

My craft business workspace

On the far right of the table is the transfer tape, extra stencils I have cut for things I make pretty much every day, the level, my Kreg jig, sealer, drill bits and the screws I use daily. Since I also ship from this table, I have those supplies in the basket along with some other necessities. Scissors, shipping tape, wire cutters, twine, a box cutter, a tool that I don’t know the name of that I use to pull out staples, a container of hooks for the back of signs, a pen, a hole punch, my tape measure and a jar of paintbrushes.

My craft business workspace

I also have a roll of paper towels, business cards, and white paint because I use that pretty much every single day. The rest of my paint is stored in a 3-shelf wire shelf next to my other table. I usually have the iPad on the table as well. If the kids are in bed and I’m downstairs working, I’ll watch – or listen – to a show while I paint.

Under the table, I have a stack of different wood that is just waiting for me to finish that project.

My craft business workspace

This table is where most of what I do happens. I tend to work in shifts though. As I said above, my notecards are separated by the task. I generally have a big stack of wood ready to be assembled. I also have a few stacks of wood that are not stained or painted yet but I have the stencils cut for them so I don’t forget what they are for.

My craft business workspace
My craft business workspace

These are the simple ways that I manage to run a business from home while homeschooling three kids. Drop me a line below and let me know what you do to stay efficient, I’d love to hear and maybe even adopt a few tricks. If you would like to support my business, I would love that. You can visit my Facebook page by clicking the link above or you can check out my Etsy shop or just shoot me a message and we can chat. Happy crafting!


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