Day 19 #30things How I felt the moment I became a parent

Day 19 #30things How I felt the moment I became a parent

I’m not sure that there are words that can describe how I felt the moment that I became a parent.  Awe.  Blessed.  Amazement.  Joy.  Pure love.  Bliss.  I remember when Maggie was born how I sat there staring at her in amazement.  It was hard to believe that she was just in my belly and now she was in my arms.  She was so amazing and beautiful.  I kept staring at her, that first week, I cried a lot because she was so beautiful…yes, hormones are wonderful.  

That being said, I’m still missing the words to describe all of the things that I was feeling at that moment.  I was overwhelmed with love.  I still am.  And guess what?  Having Charlie was no different.  All of those feelings were there again. And, knowing how quickly time has gone by, now I allow myself more time to stop and stare and how perfect and wonderful he is. 
How did you feel the moment you became a parent?

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