Day 7 #30things A teacher, a lawyer, a SAHM

I bet you didn’t know that I have a college degree did you?  I do.  I have my BA.  I majored in Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences with minors in Legal Studies and Psychology.  I actually started my master’s program.  
I had dreamed of being a Criminal Psychologist – think Criminal Minds type of stuff.  I had actually planned on getting there someday.  When my nephew was born, I went with my sister to find a daycare.  I was with her, I couldn’t handle the idea of that sweet little perfect guy getting cared for by a stranger.  I quit my job at the law firm and started watching him.  I haven’t regretted it ever in my life.  
A few years later, I started my master’s program online.  Quit a year later, it didn’t seem hard enough.  Weird, right?  Anyways, it seemed to me that the road to get the job I wanted involved years of unpaid work.  That wasn’t going to work out for me.  
After a few years of teaching, a one year stint as a mail carrier, more teaching, I went into real estate.  A few years later, I met John.  Now, we have a house, 2 dogs, 2 kids and I work from home.  
Which job would be my dream job?  The hardest one of all – being a stay at home mom.  I could never imagine having a job that required me to be away from these guys all the time.   It is the most fun, and the hardest thing I have ever done.  Granted, I still have a job, but that would be my dream job.  Just caring for my little babies.
What is your dream job?  Is it the one you have now?


  • I agree…I love taking care of my kiddos. That was really nice of you to quit your job to care for your nephew. I hope your sister appreciated you for that!!

  • Wow! I this makes me wonder about what other SAHM’s used to do 🙂
    So often we don’t talk about the before but sometimes that is fun and sometimes it gives us a better understanding of each other. I love being a SAHM and I can’t imagine anyone else taking care of my kids either so it works out perfectly!

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