Dear Charlie, 10 and 11 months because I am a bad mommy!

Okay, maybe I”m not a bad mommy, but I kind of spaced writing my letter to you last month.  This might be a long letter, you have learned and changed so much over the last two months.  To start with….you are WALKING.  And running, sort of anyways.  You give me a heart attack about a dozen times a day because you smack your head on everything.  I need to strap your bike helmet on you just so you can go about your day!  Seriously though, today, we went to our breastfeeding group, and they asked if I was afraid to take you out in public for fear of somebody calling CPS on me, that’s how many bruises you have just on your head!  I love that little head of yours, quit hurting it!


You play peekaboo.  It is so stinking cute!  And when I tell you to put the blanket on your head, you do.  And then giggle behind it.  It’s one of my favorite games ever!  And yours.  You love to wave bye bye and clap your hands.  You point at things that you want, and you let me know when you are upset that you can’t have it.  You love balls and get so excited when you see them.  You will even try rolling it back and forth with me or daddy or Maggie.


You are drinking out of a sippy cup now.  You had no interest, but now, you love it and you steal Maggie’s cup whenever you can.  You just don’t do well with a regular cup yet.  You have a habit of immediately dumping it upside down.  You really love food, and all food is created equal as far as you are concerned.  And did I mention you are the messiest eater ever!!!  But, you are starting to use your fork and spoon a lot more.


You are starting to talk a lot more.  You say mama and dada a lot.  You say doggy sometimes.  And one day, you said tractor.  All of your aunties swear you say Auntie.  I’m a believer.


You hate being told no!  You stop, look at me, and then continue on about your business.  You definitely keep me on my toes!  You climb up on everything.  Daddy wasn’t watching you one day, and all of a sudden, Auntie Patty and I found you at the top of the stairs when we came out of the bedroom.  When my heart started beating again {think about 20 stairs}, I was very mad at daddy, and very grateful that you are such a good climber and made it all the way to the top without falling.

Charlie, 10 months, 11 months, Our Piece Of Earth

My very favorite thing you do a lot of now is give kisses.  You know, those big, mouth open wide, slobbery filled with love kisses?  Those are my favorites.  Thank you so much for giving me so many of them.  I love them so much.  Just last night, you were giving me a kiss, and then running over to daddy and giving him a kiss, then back to me, back to dad, it was so much fun for us all.  You just giggled away as you were running.  You still try to eat everything!  I wish you would stop that!  You are starting to blow kisses now too.


You are interested in the dogs much more now than you were before.  You like to run to them and touch, climb, or play with them.  You get very mad at Lady Jane when she takes her toy to play and you want it!  You LOVE being outside!  You will be all grumpy in the house, but as soon as we go outside, you are happy.  If we are walking out to the truck, you try and jump out of my arms to play and get very mad when I don’t let you.


It has finally been nice out, so these last few months, you have gotten to do a lot of new things, like go to the zoo, the beach, and a petting zoo.


You have grown so much over the last few months and I love watching you learn.  You and Maggie love each other so very much.  It is so fun watching the two of you play together.  I am so glad I get to be your mommy, you bring so much joy to my days!  I love you so so much my little buddy.



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