Dear Charlie, 3 months old

My handsome little guy, will you please quit growing up so quickly!  I feel like I am missing out on time with you even though I am with you all the time!  

You have grown so much!  I weighed you the other day, and you weighed 14 lbs 5 ounces!!!  Wow, you are so big!!!  You have to wear 3 – 6 month onesies because you are so long! 

Your new trick is laughing.  You smile and laugh all the time and I can’t help but smile and laugh back.  Whenever I make the sound bbbbb with my lips, you giggle so much!  Deep little belly laughs.  You are so social.  If anybody looks or talks to you, you smile so big at them!  I’m convinced you think that I am the most beautiful person in the world because just the sight of me makes you smile.  You talk a lot too.  Coo’s and ahhhs.  I think you have the most beautiful little voice and I love our conversations. 

You have discovered how to put your hands together and then you try to put them both in your mouth.  I have caught you sucking your thumb lately.  Your fist and your little Jesus Loves Me blanket help you calm down yourself.  Usually, they both go into your mouth. 

You LOVE your activity gym.  You play under there for long periods of time just smiling and cooing.  I love to watch you because you focus on your toy and swat at it, then smile when it sways back and forth.  I have been putting your mirror up next to it and you love to smile at yourself in the mirror, I mean, who wouldn’t, you are so handsome!   

I keep waiting for you to roll from your back to your tummy.  I know you can do it, you get just about there, but I don’t think you care.  You don’t really like tummy time, but you love to lay on your back and watch everything.  

You also like to watch football with mommy (good boy!).  And you look especially handsome in your Packers gear.  

You are able to hold your head up really well on your own.  You love to sit up and look around and are getting really strong tummy muscles.  I hold you in a sitting position on my lap with Maggie facing us, and we sing songs.  You both love it so much and we all end up giggling before the song is over.  It’s so much fun!  

You are still a great little breastfeeder (as imagined since you are getting so big).  You are also a super drooler!  You drool so much!  And you have begun spitting up a bunch on mom.  Not cool! 

This was a special month because we had you baptized at church.  You looked so adorable in your little white tux!  You fell asleep right before we went up front, and when I turned you around so you faced the church, you kept sleeping.  When it was your turn, I leaned you down and you opened your eyes.  When they put the water on you, you smiled and coo’d.  It made us all giggle. 
I love you so much my little Charlie man.  I think I must be the luckiest mama in the whole wide world!  Thank you for being you.  I hope I can always be a super mama to you. 

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