Dear Charlie, 5 months

Dear Charlie, 5 months

My little Charlie man, you are so awesome!  I can’t believe how fast you are growing!  I feel like time is flying.  

You still chew, non-stop, on anything and everything.  No teeth, you just love to chew, especially on those little feet of yours. 

You learned to roll from your back to belly now, and you roll back and forth all the time now.  You are starting to push yourself up just a little bit on your arms.  Such a big boy!  You still spin around and around whether you are on your belly or your back.  Such a busy little man.  You reach for your toys when you see them, and for everything else you can reach. You like holding toys and chewing on them, and are switching them from hand to hand. 

You really love when Maggie talks or sings or reads to you.  You will watch what she is doing and just laugh, unless she gets too close to your face, then you get a bit mad.  You love to be tossed in the air, you get the loudest giggles and squeals, I love it.  And it gives my arms  good workout because you aren’t a petite young man.  

You haven’t had any food besides breastmilk yet, but I think we are getting to that point.  You are starting to eat more often at night and during the day, so I think it won’t be long!  My wonderful sleeper, you forgot how to sleep!  Lately, you only sleep in mommy’s arms or in the wrap.  You wake often, like every 15 minutes, so you never get a good nap.  Not sure what is up with that, but one good nap a day would be awesome!  Mama is getting exhausted.  

I think you are afraid of the dark, sort of anyways.  If we are in the car and it is dark out, you scream!  Not just cry, but scream.  It is horrible and even turning on a light in the truck doesn’t calm you down.
You have also been going potty on the toilet quite a bit.  I think it is awesome!  We have borrowed a jumparoo from a friend, and you LOVE it!  When I can tell you are done with it and come to pick you up, you jump with excitement!  You can spot me from anywhere, and show your excitement about it when you see me.  I love it!  You are starting to get excited about your doggies.  You like to watch them and love it when they come near you.  You are starting to sit up a little on your own, but still lean forward quite a bit. 

You also look for things when you drop them.  And you drop your toys from your high chair all the time.  You also love peek a boo, and will follow whoever is playing around the corner with your eyes to see where they went, and when they pop back out, you giggle so much!

Keep up your awesomeness little dude!  I am so proud to be your mommy.  I love you so, so much! 

What fun tricks did your little one do at 5 months?


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