Did we really find it?

When we moved into our house almost two years ago, we began our search for a church that was local that we could enjoy attending.  We checked out all of the churches in our city and were going to settle for one of them.  After going there for a few weeks, I thought, hey, let’s check out this other church in the next town, even though it’s 20 minutes away.  The very first time we were there, we both left thinking – hey!  I really like this church.  So that settled it, this was our new church.  We had our daughter baptized there in June of last year.

There have been so many Sundays where we listened to the sermon and thought, Wow!  They are talking right to me!!!  I don’t think that we realized just how much this church has become part of our life and our extended family.  Every week (except maybe one other one), we sit in front of or next to this older man, Donny. Our daughter adores him!  She hands him her snacks, her sippy, and hands him crayons one at a time and then takes them back one at a time.  He is such a great sport!  He loves her right back, he always remembers her name; even before we ever knew his.  It’s great fun to watch her develop a relationship with somebody she sees for an hour a week.  She blows him kisses and tips her head back to flirt with him.  She grabs his leg and hugs it, or reaches behind us to hug him. 

Today, Donny wasn’t there.  We are hoping that everything is okay with him.  We don’t have a reason to think something is, we just are so use to him being there.  That was when we realized that this really is our church home, and people like Donny that we have met there are our family.  It was a great feeling this morning when we realized this.  Finding a church that was right for us was so important for us, and now we know that we found it. 


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