How to Make a Homemade Treasure Chest in 10 Easy Steps

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For as long as I can remember, our family has all gotten together for Easter.  By family, I mean roughly 25 people.  When you get that many people of varying ages, you just never know what you will get.  I think one of my favorite Easter memories is from a few years ago when we were headed out to find the Easter eggs.  My cousin Jamey took off running and grabbing the eggs he saw as soon as we opened the door to let out the little kids.  My niece, Madison, who must have only been about 3 or 4 at the time just burst into tears.  It was hilarious, and Jamey quickly gave her some of the eggs, so all was right in the world.  Everybody else was laughing.  The adults usually help find eggs because there is a giant egg hidden somewhere with money in it and everybody wants that one.


This year, Easter will be a lot different for us.  The folks have retired and are still in Florida.  I figured it was up to me to round up the whole gang for Easter.  I was so excited, and then a little bummed that only about half of the usual crew will be here.  But, I am super excited that this much of our group will be together.  For the last few years, I have helped to hide the Easter eggs, so I’m pretty use to that now.  I’m still getting use to hiding the Easter baskets for our kids though.  You would think after 4 years that I would be use to it by now.  I’ve been thinking about Easter for well over a month now because it is so much fun.

Create your own treasure chest

I like to find new, creative ideas and watch them come to life.  This time, I thought a DIY Treasure Chest Easter Basket would be fun.  I decided to fill it with Disney Junior things.  The kids absolutely love watching Disney Junior, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins are some of their favorites.

What should I put in a treasure chest

As soon as the idea hit me, I realized I could make the entire thing from stuff we probably have laying around.  I happened to be headed to Walmart as I was thinking about it, so I picked up some things to fill it with.  To start with, you can’t have a treasure chest without treasure, right? I knew I wanted some chocolate gold coins and some colored gems but I wasn’t sure what else  I wanted to include but I figured it out as soon as I hit up the Easter aisle.


Ta-da!  While I had been thinking a pirate theme, I saw this Doc McStuffins doctor bag and a Doc McStuffins light-up yo-yo.  The kids love all things Disney Junior, so I knew they would really love them.  I also got a coloring book, stickers, pirate sword, deck of playing cards and a few little Jake and the Neverland Pirates figures.  The kids are going to love it and it was so much fun to make.

Doc McStuffins

What should I put in a treasure chestNow, off to find the perfect spot to hide their Disney Junior Easter Basket Treasure Chest.  Here are some pictures of how we made it.  If I were to ever make it again, I think I would skip the paper bags and just use the gold duct tape.  It looks so much nicer than just the paper bags.  I had fun hot gluing the pennies onto it.  Plus, because of all of the duct tape I used on it, I think it will be pretty durable, which is great.  We will be adding it to our dress up center after Easter.  Here is how I made it.  How to make a treasure chest

How to make a treasure chest

How to make a treasure chestHow to make a treasure chestHow to make a treasure chestHow to make a treasure chestHow to create a treasure chestHow to make a treasure chestHow to make a treasure chestHow to make a treasure chestHow to make a treasure chestStep 12 Fill your treasure chest

What are your holiday traditions?  Do you, ahem, I mean, the Easter bunny hide Easter baskets or Easter eggs?  I’d love to hear some of your traditions or favorite Easter memories.  


  • OK, so the Treasure Chest is super cute, but I am SO JEALOUS that you have Alaskan IPA. SO. JEALOUS. It is my favorite beverage in the WORLD. I’m from Juneau, Alaska where the brewery is and I just love it. It’s like home. Unfortunately, we can’t get it here. 🙁 Anyway, great job on your Jake and the Neverland Pirates treasure chest! #client
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    • Thanks! That’s hilarious. I had to reread it because I had no clue what you were talking about. I forgot that was what the box said. I have no clue what it is or even where the box came from. Now I’m curious though.

  • We would go to my great grandparents and the kids would all wait in a room while all the adults kid the easter eggs in the backyard which was a huge plot of land filled with trees and my uncles would hide money in the eggs. It was pretty fun but my grandparents moved out of state so holidays aren’t as big of a gathering now.

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