Been There, Done That {Family Game Review}

I come from a long line of game players, and thankfully, my kids are into that. If my family is getting together, you can rest assured that we will be playing games at some point. Last year I introduced you to Long Story Short, where family fun meets social media. This time, they sent me Been There, Done That to review.  Well, the family was on board with giving another new game a go.  So over Thanksgiving, we bellied up to the table to see who has been there and done that.

Been there done that

When my cousin explained the directions to us, I was thinking, wow.  Super easy game.  Sounds boring, but hey, let’s play and see what we think.

Been There, Done ThatEach player gets a yes and no card, as well as a pencil and a sheet of what looks like tic-tac-toe paper.  Whoevers turn it is rolls the dice and gets either Been there, Done that, or +1.  Draw a card and read either the been there or done that side, depending on what you rolled.  The reader then reads one of the cards.  Each player then plays either the yes or no card facedown in front of them.



When everybody has played a card, you right down how many people you think said yes.  Then, everybody flips their cards over.  Count up the yes answers.  If you were right, you get a point.  If not, no points.  If you rolled the +1, you get an extra point if you were right.


score pad

For example, had stitches.


btdt cards

While we were sure we knew the answer since it is family, we learned things about grandma.  We didn’t know she had had stitches long, long ago.


The premise of the game seems really easy, so I figured it would be really easy.  That is definitely not the case.  I am really bad at this game actually.  Pretty sure that I came in last each time we played.  {Don’t worry, I lose well}


When choosing which number to read on a card, choosing the one you “think” you know the answer to helps with getting an accurate guess since the goal is to have the right amount of yes answers.


At the end of 9 rounds, the person with the most points win.  {In case you missed this, it is NEVER me, haha}.  Not only is this a fun family game, but bust it out in a party, and let it be the icebreaker, as well as a great way to learn some things about everybody playing.


Let’s Play!  Who has suffered an injury that left a scar?  Since I can’t guess, leave me a comment and let me know how you got that scar.  


Enter to win your own edition of Been There, Done That.  Giveaway open to US.  Ends at 11:59 pm EST on December 31, 2014.  Good Luck!


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