EarthLINGZ One Size Hemp Fleece Fitted Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway

I love finding new cloth diapers brands!  Especially when we are on the search for a nighttime cloth diaper that will keep the sheets dry until morning. 

Back in April at the Great Cloth Diaper Change, I had the opportunity to meet with Terra and her husband, and to see this new kind of diaper – EarthLINGZ.  So obviously, I was interested because I love supporting local companies!  Plus, these diapers were so soft and cute I am pretty sure I left drool on the table there!

Terra got started with cloth diapers when her daughter was born.  She had been using regular fitted diapers with the typical cotton outer fabric and velour inner.  She loved the fit on her daughter, the fact that her skin could breathe, and that she could go coverless when they were home which was most of the time.  However, she grew tired of changing diapers constantly because of leaks.  It really became a problem when she went to snuggle or play with her daughter and realized just a bit too late that she had soaked through her diaper.
She thought “why can’t there be a fitted diaper that is snuggly soft, comes in countless cute prints, is breathable and absorbent at the same time?”  She began spending nights at the sewing machine trying to come up with the perfect diaper to fit her needs.  It took her about 10 tries before she came up with one she liked.  After making a few for herself and sending some out to be tested, she was getting great reviews on them and decided to try selling them in the highly competitive world of cloth diapers!  EarthLINGZ has been open for 8 months and is doing great!  Terra is so thankful for the great fans and loyal customers and is so proud of their business!  She can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them! 

Since having Charlie, I have been on the hunt to find something that will get us through the night with dry sheets.  When I had the chance to review an EarthLINGZ diaper, I was jumping for joy.  EarthLINGZ diapers are a different kind of diaper.  The diaper is made up of 2 different parts.  The outer shell which is made of two layers of naturally water resistant polyester fleece that contain moisture for long periods of time (like overnight) while still staying breathable.  The second part of the diaper is the EZ 3 Soaker System.  Two separate double layered hemp fleece soakers can be snapped together with color coordinated snaps.  Then, an absorbent hemp fleece lines the underside of the moisture wicking polyester fleece topper.  Used all together, there are 5 thick layers of hemp fleece absorbent protection.  All of these layers make these diapers extremely absorbent.  The fleece topper is even made with the same print that the diaper is so they match!  You can adjust the inserts to fit your needs.  Simply remove the bottom insert and snap the top one into the shell.  I love how cute this diaper is!  It’s one of my favorite diapers in my stash.  It is also one of only 3 diapers I own that can stand up to the little guy overnight.  The downside to that – we almost never wear this diaper during the day because I like knowing we can have a dry bed all night long.

The shell of the diaper features a fold down rise, something I have only seen in one other diaper, and had never had the chance to try out before.  With the rise folded down, it will fit approximately 10 – 15 pounds.  Charlie is 16 pounds and is still wearing the diaper on the fold down rise setting, and Maggie who is 22 is wearing it with the rise not folded down.

If you are thinking – how can this be a one size diaper with only 2 size options – well let me clear that up for you.  First off, it is designed to fit from 10 – 40 pounds.  With the rise folded down, you can simply fold it down farther to make it a bit smaller.  Folded down, there are 10 snaps across the front.  Not folded, there are 14 snaps across the front.  The snaps are a single row of snaps all across the front of the diaper.  Each wing features 3 snaps to get a perfect fit every time for every child.  The wings are a bit longer than many other diapers I have used which helps get that perfect fit.  There are also crossover snaps on the wings to fit those teeny tiny waists.  Charlie is my little chunkster, and when he wears the diaper, there are still a few snaps on each side if we need a bigger fit.  I was worried that because there are 3 snaps on each wing that if he gets too chunky that the back snap would dig into his skin.  I mentioned this to Terra as a just in case scenario, but she is prepared for that although it hasn’t happened with anybody using these diapers before.  If that is a problem, which I don’t anticipate it being, she can sew some snap covers for the wing snaps for $1.00 for each pair.

All of the snaps are color coordinating to match your diaper.  When using the larger rise setting, the snaps for the snap down setting are exposed to babies skin.  I wondered if that would cause it to be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t dig into her skin at all. 

The inside of the diaper is a coordinating color to the outside print, so when it is folded down, it still matches.  Each diaper is turned and top stitched creating smooth pillowy edges for baby’s delicate skin.

Another noteworthy feature of this diaper is how trim it is between the legs.  A big plus – especially where John is concerned.  The wide crotch area is one of his biggest dislikes of cloth diapers.  While this is narrower, it still provides us with great coverage!

While this diaper lasts a long time without soaking through, it isn’t 100 % waterproof, and should be worn with a cover if they will have clothing touching it.  This morning, I kind of spaced that little detail out when I put it on him and left for church.  I just knew we would be gone a few hours and I wanted to be positive he didn’t pee through anything.  Well, I forgot the cover this morning and during church, his clothes had just a hint of dampness to him where his carseat buckle was up against his clothing.  It didn’t look wet, and was barely noticeable, but was a reminder to me to remember the cover if we went out.  

I have noticed that when drying these diapers, if I leave the inserts snapped, sometimes they aren’t completely dry where it snaps into the diaper.  This is only on the part where the snaps are, and it doesn’t happen every time.

Having two in diapers, I have realized that they each have their own, I am so lazy, I don’t even want to unsnap the rise settings on diapers.  With our Earthlingz diaper, we don’t have to.  I can simply fold it down, or not fold it down.  That fact alone makes me more willing to use it on both kids regularly (except that we save it for nighttime).
If you are on the hunt for a  fantastic, guaranteed night diaper solution – here it is.  I love this diaper so much.  If I wouldn’t get really busted by John, I would definitely be buying a bunch more of these!  The other night Charlie pooped in both of his guaranteed to stay dry all night diapers and I went in to a panic mode!  Obviously I need just a few more.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE this diaper?  There are so many unique prints and even solid color combinations, there is sure to be one that is calling your name.  Be sure to head on over to the Etsy store and check these cloth diapers out! 

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*Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review.  All opinions expressed above are 100 % my own and only influenced by my experiences with the product.*

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