Easy tips to help you eat healthy.

*Disclosure:  I am an eMeals blogger and receive my meal plan in exchange for telling you all about it.*


Each year, one of my goals is to eat healthy, or at least to eat healthier.  Each year, I’m successful because I realize that if I try to change everything overnight, I’m likely to fail.  Instead, we make some small changes throughout the year.  Here are some tips we use to help keep us on track.

Tips to eat healthy this year

Prepare our fruits and vegetables as soon as we get home from the store.  When you are hungry, it is easy to make a healthy choice if you don’t have to do any work.  Celery and peppers are big hits in our house.  If I slice them up right away, even in a hurry, we will choose those before other less healthy options.


Have a cheat night.  Whether it is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, having a night where I don’t have to think, or prepare a meal helps keep me on track for the rest of the week.  For us, we have weekly pizza night.  Or dinner out, but something that requires zero effort on my part.  Pizza maybe isn’t the best option, but I really love pizza.  It makes me feel better knowing I can have pizza one night a week and not feel guilty.


Have plenty of healthy options.  We fill our refrigerator with fruits and vegetables and other healthy food options.  From mealtime to snacks, even our beverages.  Even if the kids aren’t in the mood for veggies for snack time, yogurt is usually a hit.


Don’t beat yourself up for mistakes.  You are {probably} going to slip up at some point.  Don’t let it be fuel for failure for that day or week or even for good.  Think about why you made a poor eating choice.  Was it a situation, stress, lack of good choices available?  Then dust yourself off and be prepared for the next meal.


Lead by example.  If you have kids, eat the healthy options with them.  RIght now, as I’m writing this, the kids and I are sitting here eating a bag of sugar snap peas.  They always want what I have, so I make sure they see me with the good stuff!

Healthy Eating

Grow it yourself.  Or just pick it yourself.  Or go to the farmers market.  That has been a huge boost to our healthy eating.


Create a meal plan.  Or better yet, let eMeals do it for you.  We have had an eMeals subscription for a year or so and love it.


EMeals is an online meal planning tool to make your life easier!  You can choose breastfast, lunch, dinner, even dessert.  Gluten free, Paleo, low carb, slow cooker or something else?  They’ve got that too.  Choose your plan, for 2 or for the whole family.  Each week, you will receive an email with your weekly meal plan along with the shopping list for the store you choose.  Each meal includes an entree and a side dish.  The grocery list is organized by where you will find it and coordinated with the weekly sales.


While I am super picky and don’t eat things like chicken or fish, I generally don’t follow the entire meal plan.  Besides being picky, we have our weekly pizza night or night out, and each month includes some of my all time favorites like lasagna and spaghetti.  Some of our new favorites have been eMeals recipes like the stuffed pork chops {seriously delicious} and stuffed peppers.  So far, we have liked all of the recipes we have made and continue to make many of them.  Even when we don’t use the meal plan completely, we can still save the recipes for another night.


Plus, around the holidays, they usually have fun specials like a holiday meal plan which is perfect for someone like me who isn’t really a chef!  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up of an eMeals subscription now and keep your resolutions this year.  To save 15%, use code DINNER throughout the month of January.


*Disclosure:  I am an emeals blogger and receive a complimentary subscription in exchange for sharing about it with you.  All opinions are 100% my own.*


  • I was very interested in these…until I got to really looking at the sample menus for the low-carb menu. The recipes may be lower in carbs than a “normal” meal, but they are not low-carb friendly! White flour, milk, etc are used in each meal. Good for anyone without dietary restrictions though, I’m sure.

    • Hmm. Thanks for commenting. I didn’t know that, I haven’t really looked at the low carb meal because, well….pasta and bread are two of my favorite things that I just can’t get enough of. I would never make it on a low carb diet, but I’m glad you brought it up for people that are interested in that plan.

  • you can make it low-carb simply by making the pasta the ‘flavoring’ instead of the ‘meal’. : ) Where I would have had an entire bowl of pasta in years past(a!) with only sauce or butter with garlic powder and salt – now I have stir-fried peppers – with a sprinkling of pasta. Literally not more than 1/4 cup. I use a small pasta too to make it more bang for my buck. I’ve even gone to having just the peppers at times. Could be a weaning process – especially if your health demands it.

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