Energy Science Unit

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Science is so much fun and I think the kids love it so much because they control what we are learning about.  We have conversations about the things they want to learn about and I try to put together something like this for them to learn more about it.  This  is  how  our  homeschool  energy  science  unit  went.Homeschool Energy Unit

Now, I’m pretty laid back in my approach to teaching – more like guided learning.  I read a lot to them and then set some games or activities out to go along with the topic.  For energy, it looked like this.

I loosely follow The Good and the Beautiful science curriculum on energy.  I set out the snap circuits and a set like this electricity kit.  They both allow the kids the opportunity for free play on them or some directed activities so they can get an idea of what they are doing before trying their own thing.

There are some great experiments in the curriculum but if you forgo that, we also used experiments from the Usborne Science Encyclopedia.  We also watched the Magic School Bus episode Getting Energized on Netflix.  

Two of our favorite books that we read during our energy unit were Wired and Electrical Wizard:  How Nikola Tesla Lit Up The World.  We read Wired over and over and over.  It’s a fantastic book that takes you on the journey of electricity and how it gets to your house.  These are just our favorite books that we read, but we got a large stack from the library that covered topics like solar energy, wind energy, water energy and so much more.  

We also got a solar powered building set . The kids were trying to really get the light in there and used a bulb that melted it so we never actually got our solar powered thing to go…so maybe we will redo that idea.  

Between the books, video and hands-on activities, energy was one of our favorite science units to learn about. Generally, I find card or board games to go along with our units, but this time, I didn’t add one in.  If you haven’t done an energy unit, it’s a fun one.  If you have – I’d love to hear your family’s favorite ways that you have learned about it – books, games, activities, etc..








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