Essential Oils: Immune Booster

Last weekend John came home from working out of town.  He was sick, and not just sick, but totally whiny and wimpy about it.    All I could think was….oh man.  Maggie’s birthday party is next weekend.  I’m planning it about a month ahead of time because of our due date.  I cannot mess up this little girls 4th Princess birthday party!  So….bring on the oils.  We’ve been rubbing Thieves on our feet a few times a day, and diffusing Thieves and Purification to cleanse the air.  Here is our essential oils immune booster.


Immune Booster


Both Thieves and Purification oils as well as the home diffuser are all included with the premium starter kit from Young Living.  This is a great deal and I would love to answer your questions and help you get started with essential oils.  To order, message me, or visit Young Living and order using member & distributor #1658811


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