Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills Review

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Whether your children struggle with spelling or excel at it – you likely have spent time looking for a spelling curriculum.  We recently started using Building Spelling Skills from Evan-Moor with my 4th grader.  She has struggled a lot with spelling but has come so far over the past year.  Finding something that she didn’t cry doing and that didn’t make her feel like she was failing was super important to me.  Finding Building Spelling Skills has seemed to help her feel more confident.

With 30 weeks of lessons – your children will practice words with different letter sounds, contractions, homophones and so much more!  Designed to be used as a five day a week program, your child will have a variety of activities to help your child learn to spell.

Monday – introduce the words, practice writing the words by reading and spelling; copy and spell; cover and spell; uncover and check.  This is a longer lesson than the rest of the week since they are writing each word twice but great practice.  You also have the option of adding in bonus words.  You can hear how we use this space in the video review.

Tuesday – Word meaning and dictation.  Students do a word meaning activity and then a dictation sentence.

Wednesday – Word study activities.  These are fun for my daughter and doesn’t feel stressful to her.

Thursday – Edit for spelling activities.  This activity helps children find mistakes in the spelling and practice those words by rewriting the misspelled words.

Friday – Friday is test day.  Using the reproducible page at the back of the book, your student will write and spell the spelling words as well as a sentence dictation again.  They can then record their score in the back of the book as well as any misspelled words.

Toward the end of the video, you can hear more extras in the book.  Happy spelling days are ahead!


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